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This Is the Home Décor Trend You Should Try Next, According to Your Star Sign

There's a plethora of home décor trends that will give your home the makeover of its dreams: from the Morocco-inspired colour palette that brightens any space to the velvet furniture trend that's perfect for the more tactile among us, and the evergreen Mid-Century Modern aesthetic that adds calm and elegance, there's a décor trend out there for you.

Read on to find out which home décor trend you should try next based on your star sign.

Leo (23 July to 22 August)

You should try... books as décor

You're an intellectual who appreciates the finer things in life—art, design, literature. Use books as décor in your home to surround yourself with your favourite things, and give your home décor a cost-affordable sprucing up.

Virgo (23 August to 23 September)

You should try... organic minimalism

You appreciate clean lines and negative space more than most, but your home décor needn't be completely devoid of personality. Aim for organic minimalism, which blends all the classic motifs in minimalist home décor with the perfect imperfections found in organic objects. Handmade ceramics, handwoven rugs, and unique artworks will elevate your space and give it new life.

Libra (24 September to 23 October)

You should try... cottagecore

Despite scrolling through TikTok multiple times in one day, you yearn for a simpler life away from the noise and closer to nature. You need a touch of cottagecore at home. Make your house your sanctuary by bringing in elements country charm. Pull from Hamptons-style beach décor, with wall panelling

Scorpio (24 October to 22 November)

You should try... Mid-Century Modern

From Caprani lamps to rare Ikea antique, your happy place at home requires high taste level and quality craftsmanship. Elevate your décor with some Danish antiques.

Sagittarius (23 November to 21 December)

You should try... bricolage

For you, rules were made to be broken. Eschew any one interior trend and embrace the wabi-sabi aesthetic at play in the upcoming sustainable anything-goes approach of bricolage.

Capricorn (22 December to 20 January)

You should try... indoor jungle

However many plants you think you need, get more. Up the greenery at home with indoor plants of all varieties and feel more relaxed instantly.

Aquarius (21 January to 19 February)

You should try... vintage rattan

You love living an easy, breezy life and wear your uniqueness as a badge of honour. A piece of vintage rattan furniture will give your décor the personal touch you deserve.

Pisces (20 February to 20 March)

You should try... bright colours

You love a splash of colour, from your outfits to your home, so lean in and source yourself a piece of brightly coloured furniture in the place of neutral tones.

Aries (21 March to 20 April)

You should try... Mediterranean

You're full of energy and lover of faraway places. Warm tones and unfinished surfaces are huge in home décor beyond the Morocco and Greek locales from which they draw inspiration. Playful prints and geometric shapes will give your home the travel-inspired touch that almost makes up for the Europe trip you couldn't take this year.

Taurus (21 April to 21 May)

You should try... a shelf bed

As earth signs, Taureans crave comfort and security. When it comes to your bedroom, that's exactly the goal you should be striving for. Consider trading in your current bed with a shelf bed—the extra level of "padding", so to speak, will offer you added cosiness every time you sleep, and will up your bedroom décor in a huge way.

Gemini (22 May to 21 June)

You should try... '90s pastel

Whether or not you're a '90s kid, you definitely have '90s energy. Soft pastels in peach and pink will bring a touch of Miami realness to your home, and give it the nostalgic touch you seek.

Cancer (22 June to 22 July)

You should try... velvet furniture

Luxurious and tactile, that's you. Velvet furniture is the way to express yourself through décor, and align your home's interior to your true self.

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