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The Nook: Inside the Serene Bedroom of The Pilates Class Founder Jacqui Kingswell

Welcome to The Nook, our weekly series chronicling the dreamy bedrooms of our favourite people on Instagram. For this instalment, we take you inside the serene Sydney bedroom of The Pilates Class founder, Jacqui Kingswell.

Jacqui Kingswell has been doing pilates since she was 12, and it shows. Founder of The Pilates Class and a former professional dancer (she's worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue and Ricky Martin), Jacqui is wholly devoted to the transformative power of pilates as a physical and sacred practice.

On Instagram, she shares helpful pilates-related tips and videos, plus photos of her stylish, stylish home and studio, which regularly remind us why minimalist interior décor is so appealing.

While most of her peers discovered pilates sometime in their 20s, Jacqui has grown up on it.

"The pilates training was introduced to me by one of my dance teachers," she tells us. "I went to an elite performing arts school with teachers who nurtured our bodies from a young age and the principal of the school had done a lot of research about the incredible benefits of pilates, so he started integrating it into our daily practice."

While it's become her sole focus, pilates was originally a practice that supported her passion for performance.

"I always knew what I wanted to do form a very young age, which was perform," she says. "My childhood was a little different to others—my main focus wasn't school, it was dance—and I was lucky to have parents who didn't force me to get incredible grades at school or get a uni degree.

"I'm so grateful for the support my parents gave me as a child. They never pressured me into doing something I didn't want to do and they always encouraged me to follow my passion."

At home, Jacqui has created a serene sanctuary in which she reflects and recharges. Elegant simplicity is exactly how we'd describe her sleep space, both in terms of form and function. Behind her bedhead you'll find mood-setting LED lights and on her bedside, just the essentials: journal, Kindle, fresh flowers. If you're looking for some inspiration to up the serenity in your bedroom, you've come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out more about Jacqui and tour her palace of zen.

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Hi Jacqui! Thanks for having us. How does your bedroom reflect your personality?

My bedroom space is somewhere where I can rest, switch off and restore energy. It definitely reflects a positive side of my personality, it's calm, open and light, which is by nature who I am.

How do you go about styling your space?

I am very minimal with my styling and home space, and I like to keep things bright, open, uncluttered and calm. For me, a home should feel inviting, relaxed and warm.

What's on your bedside table?

On my bedside table I have some flowers, my five-minute journal and a kindle.

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What's your favourite piece of furniture or accessory in your bedroom and why?

I have a couple... I love my fiddle leaf fig plant; he's named Dylsie and he brings me so much happiness! I love my defuser, my husband and I will always put a calming scent like lavender in the diffuser before bedtime, and lastly I love my walk-in wardrobe! We did a big renovation last year and my dad (our builder) really made my dream wardrobe which also brings me so much happiness! I also just love it because it makes the space with the bed feel really separate and tidy.

What's the next item you're planning on getting for your bedroom?

I really would like a piece of artwork to go above the bed. I'd like an Indigenous piece with earthy colours to tie in with the feel of the rest of the room.

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What does having a comfortable and inviting bedroom mean to you?

I think lighting is one of the most important parts of making a space feel comfortable. Behind our bedhead we have LED lights that are control by my mobile phone and you can pick which colour or brightness you like. During the day I like a space to feel bright with natural light. I also have defusers in every room on our home with seated essential oils.

What does your regular bedtime routine look like?

Before bed I put on my blue light glasses and stop using my phone at least half an hour before bedtime, I shower, put the defuser on and dim the lights. I do my five-minute journal and then read my kindle.

Some nights are a little harder than others to switch off, especially with having a new business—there's always work that can be done, but I know that I will perform better the next day if I switch off and rest properly.

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What does your regular morning routine look like?

My morning routine will start with my feet hitting the floor and taking three deep breaths. I'll do my 5 minute journal, drink a glass of water, then take an online class from The Pilates Class. Then I'll have a coffee, shower, and go about my day.

What is an average day in the life of Jacqui Kingswell like?

With running The Pilates Class everyday is so different. Someday's I might be shooting new content for the online platform, I might have a LIVE class in the morning followed by meetings with the team. But no matter how busy my day is, I always take time for my morning and night routine, make sure I exercise for my mental and physical health, eat wholesome and nutrient-dense foods, and always prioritise setting myself up for a good night's sleep.

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You used to be a professional dancer, what made you want to focus solely on pilates?

I started practising pilates as part of my conditioning dance training when I was young. It was a practice that completely changed my alignment, performance and mental state. It was also a practice that was sustainable, kind, and served my body and mind. It completely changed my life and I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with others.

How does being a dancer help you when it comes to teaching pilates?

Being a professional dancer for nine years and starting my dance practice at the age of three, I've been taught by the most inspiring mentors and teachers form all around the world. The Pilates Class is a combination of techniques and methods that I've learn over the years. We focus on technique, as well as understanding the body and its function—not just within the class but on a day-to-day basis. Dance taught me discipline and how to connect and love my body, which is what I share with our members. When you've been in a studio since the age of three working with mentors who teach you different methods, you pick a few tips and tricks along the way!

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For more from Jacqui, follow her at @thepilatesclass and @jacquikingswell, and visit her website for the latest on The Pilates Class.

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