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All 12 of the zodiac signs are sure to see changes in their close relationships this month, especially their relationship with themselves.

| By Meghan Rose | Entertainment

Your Monthly Horoscope for July Is Officially Here

All 12 of the zodiac signs are sure to see changes in their close relationships this month, especially their relationship with themselves.

The month of July is going to bring a sense of newness and refreshment as we start the month off with a powerful Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. This lunation starts us off with a sense of groundedness just before Mars (the planet of aggression and forward movement) enters earthly Virgo on the 10th. The following day Mercury (the planet of communication, commerce, and technology) enters fiery Leo, telling us to get moving on the things we’ve been putting off and conversations that need to be had. All 12 of the zodiac signs are sure to see changes in their close relationships, especially their relationship to themselves. If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to communicate your feelings and express yourself, July will be the month to do so!

The big moment to look out for is when the North Node ingresses to Aries on the 17th, bringing a sense of self-prioritisation back into the picture. On this same day, we have a New Moon in Cancer, which encourages us to go inward and focus on our home spaces – internally, externally, and the world that we occupy. Make sure to treat yourself the way that you want others to treat you during this time. Even creating something as simple as a comfortable night in and a home-cooked meal will help you get grounded and realise how important you are during this transit.

The final days of July bring us a Venus retrograde in the sign of Leo on the 22nd and Mercury (the planet of communication) entering meticulous and analytical Virgo. You can expect yourself to feel curious and calculated during these transits, making it a perfect time to introduce new concepts and approaches into your life. You will benefit from taking a beat before you respond to others. Remember, you are not a machine and you don’t need to always be “on” or quick to react. Give yourself permission to live a bit more slowly (and intentionally) this month.

Want to know more about how to align with the stars this month? Read below for both your sun and rising sign to get the most accurate info for the month ahead!


This is going to be a monumental month for you. As the North Node ingresses into your sign, your first house will be illuminated, making you feel more purposeful and intentional. As you share your ideas and dreams with others around the New Moon in Cancer on July 17th, you might find that not everyone is on the same wavelength. You will benefit from learning how to better implement discernment this month. Remember that it’s okay to have people in your life with different approaches and beliefs. However, tapping out and spending some time alone wrapped up in a throw when you feel you’re at odds with the people closest to you is always a great option. Sometimes we have to be picky about who we share our time, thoughts, and energy with. In doing so, you will see that you’re making room for even more aligned people to enter into your life!


Taurus, the month of July is going to have you feeling aligned, authentic, and ready to connect. With the Full Moon in Capricorn happening in fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 3rd, you will have your deepest desires for closeness illuminated to you, making the path forward in your friendships much more clear. For you, Taurus, this will be a great time to gather around with like-minded people and be more vulnerable. Your life will benefit from idea-sharing, connecting, and focusing on living more slowly this month. It’s not about having the shiniest things or the most likes on your posts. Remember: you don’t need to impress anyone other than yourself. Typically the simplest get-togethers, relationships, and moments end up being your most treasured memories.


Dearest Gemini, the month of July is encouraging you to connect with your inner child and start to utilise your social skills in order to change your circumstances as Mercury enters Leo in your third house of friendships and social groups. Everyone knows you are charming and you know how to work a room, but it’s even more impressive to hold the safe space to let people explore their truth. Something as simple as hosting a movie night with your closest friends, or building a pillow fort together will feel unforgettable and wildly connective. You are allowed to let go of the “serious” outer shell and let yourself have fun, Gemini, and the month of July is the perfect time to do so!


Cancer, it seems like you are releasing a lot of old patterns and letting your past stay in the past this month. Try to be gentle with yourself as you navigate through murky waters into this new chapter in your life. Remember that learning from your past means you get to take what works well with you into the future and leave the rest behind. This is a clean slate, and July is going to be a blessing for you as you start to relax into this new reality with more ease. Take a night a week to decompress, be extra gentle with yourself, light a few candles, and put on your favourite music. The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th will bring you an opportunity to share all of that inner work you’ve been doing, and truly show off your glow-up! But remember: you don’t get there by running yourself into the ground. Rest is an essential part of the process to becoming your best self!


Leo, as Mercury enters your sign on the 11th, you will feel compelled to share more of yourself and your personality with the world around you. This will be especially prevalent for my Leos who have gone through a hibernation period recently, as you will be coming out of the cave rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! Try redecorating your space and having a photoshoot at home with this new, lively background that you can work with! If you’re into content creation, this will be a powerful time for you to create and connect with your soul tribe online. There is only one “you” but there are people who would love to connect with you and reflect your power back to you, Leo! It is a true gift to be born with the sun as your planetary ruler, because you are meant to shine! July will show you just how fun and effortless it is for you to do so.


Virgo, the month of July will offer you the chance to live your dream life in the present moment. With Mars (the planet of forward movement and passion) entering your sign on the 10th, you are going to have opportunities you have been wishing for arriving to you this month. When the New Moon in Cancer arrives on the 17th, be prepared for what you are trying to manifest to actualise. My favourite way to spend a New Moon is in an epsom salt bath. Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary and spend the evening in a relaxed and transcendental state, visualising what you want your life to look like a year from now. This month has some potent and powerful energy being sent your way, so don’t be surprised when these beautiful wishes become your reality even sooner than this time next year!


Libra, this month is going to be all about redefining your relationships and watching them prosper once you’ve gotten clear on what you want, need, and deserve! With the New Moon in Cancer arriving in your seventh house of relationships on the 17th, you will feel love-struck and ready to connect! The best way to channel this energy and start to attract the types of relationships you desire is by leaning heavily into self-care and filling your own cup. It might seem counterintuitive, but the more you love on yourself, the more others will follow suit! Make sure you’re getting a full night’s sleep, and try to wake up early each morning in July so you can spend an extra 20 or 30 minutes getting ready, wrapped in your favourite robe and using your favourite, top-shelf products. This slow, peaceful, and intentional time spent on just you will have you beaming from the inside out, attracting new friends (and potentially lovers!) to you with ease when you finally decide to step outside.


Scorpio, the month of July is going to be all about reorganising your life and your daily routines. When Mars enters Virgo on the 10th in your eleventh house of friendships and community, you are going to feel called to section out time each week for your closest friends. Try hosting a themed dinner party, or getting some folks together for a game night. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re doing it alongside the people you love! In these moments of vulnerability and connection, you will find that it’s not so scary to let other people in. Rewiring your thoughts to be more receptive to others will help you feel open and confident out in the world, even with people you don’t know yet! July will prove to be light-hearted, loving, and fun for you – but don’t be afraid to initiate the hangouts!


Dearest Sag, with the Venus retrograde happening in fellow fire sign Leo on July 22nd, you will feel compelled to go back to your roots this month. Take time to sit with memories from your past that bring you joy, or you may even find yourself reaching out to an old friend to reminisce. There is no shame in nostalgia, and this transit is bringing all of your favourite moments back to the forefront for you to relish in and enjoy. Truthfully, you can learn a lot from your past. Even something as simple as making yourself your favourite meal, or watching your favourite childhood movie will do the trick at reawakening that joyous part of your heart again! Life can be simple again for you, Sagittarius. This month is here to prove that to you.


Capricorn, the month of July is all about getting aligned with your most authentic and empowered self. With the Full Moon happening in your sign on July 3rd, you will feel completely “lit up” by the desire to be the most confident and strong version of yourself. Strength does not only mean wealth, success, and aggression. Strength is also found in saying “no” to plans you don’t want to attend and choosing to sleep-in when your body is tired and asking for more rest. Strength is realising you can get back up aftering honouring your rest periods. Strength is doing things differently than you’ve done them before when you realise the old way doesn’t work for you anymore. Be strong this month, and know that strength is oftentimes found in your softness.


Aquarius, you are going to be focused on endings and rebirth in the month of July with Mars entering Virgo on the 10th and landing in your eighth house of transformation. The version of you that you (and everyone else) once knew, is now gone as you allow yourself to rise into your most powerful self this month. It seems like many of you will be finding new relationships or work opportunities that finally know your value as Mercury enters Leo in your seventh house of long-term partnerships on the 11th. The mid-section of the month is going to make you do a double-take as you come out more vibrant and opportunistic than ever before. If this new opportunity appears in the form of a new living environment, be sure to let go of the old decor that you once resonated with and be open to redecorating your space as much as you will need to redecorate your life! You are brand-spankin’ new from July onward, Aquarius!


Pisces, it seems like this month is all about fun and enjoyment for you as the New Moon in Cancer arrives on the 17th in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. You are stepping outside of the box to bring a sense of creativity into your life in July. You are a natural-born artist, don’t get caught up on what you think art is. Instead, use this month to realise your life as a whole is a creation, and it’s whatever you make it out to be, Pisces. Get inspired if you’re feeling stuck by reading books from the greats, putting on classic albums, or hanging up art by artists who inspire you. Art can be found everywhere, you just have to open your eyes to it. Who knows, you may even be someone’s favourite artist someday if you can encourage yourself to create and share this month onward.

About the author

Meghan Rose is a world-renowned Astrologer, Tarot reader, and writer known for her horoscopes and her work with Astrological compatibility. She is based in Los Angeles but offers her work around the world to clients and brands looking to align with the ever-changing celestial energy. You can find her at , TikTok, or Instagram.

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