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The Meditative Bedtime Routine That ‘Self-Practice’ Founder Lauren Trend Swears By

Welcome to Bedtime Stories, an interview series where we ask inspiring individuals to share their nighttime routine and sleep secrets – from the beauty products they can’t live without to the tricks they swear by when they’re too tired to function (no coffee needed). For this instalment, Lauren Trend, founder of Self-Practice, a community and research platform that explores the intersection of wellbeing and design, shares her bedtime routine as a soon-to-be-mum.

Wellness is now more important than ever, and it's an active pursuit at the forefront of designer and researcher Lauren Trend's mind. As the founder of Self Practice, a community and research platform that looks at the intersection between wellbeing and design, she explores what it means to be creatively, emotionally, physically, and intellectually “well.”

The idea for Self Practise was born out of a desire to create a space that celebrates creatives taking care of, and making time for themselves, outside of their work. Lauren's brand has become a global community and widely used resource that offers books, tools, workshops, research, and resources for self-inquiry.

Here, Bed Threads Journal sat down with the soon-to-be mum to find out exactly how she implements wellness practises into her morning and night routine to bring balance to her life, and her pregnancy skincare tips.

Hi Lauren! Welcome to Bedtime Stories. Can you walk us through your bedtime ritual?

Most nights I start to wind down after dinnertime. I’ll watch something with Lucy or read a book after having a shower and applying my skincare. My bathroom is a large part of my bedtime ritual. I love and feel most at ease while getting lost in the mundane tasks of the everyday; like brushing my teeth or hair, wiping down the basin, and slowly lathering serums onto my face.

Taking my time with these simple tasks gives me space to feel close to myself, and room to wind down before the day is done.

When I get into bed, I always make sure to have a carafe of water bedside. Lucy and I tried to have a ‘no pets on the bed’ rule, but we failed miserably. Before lights out we all get cosy and I make sure my phone is on night-mode. I tend to fall asleep fairly easily most nights, however if I need little more soothing to drift off, I’ll pop in my AirPods and listen to a guided meditation.

What sleep or beauty products do you swear by that you won’t go a night without?

Making sure I’m well hydrated is a large part of my bedtime routine. I drink lots of water and make sure my skincare remains consistent. In the shower I like to apply a body oil so I step our feeling super hydrated and well moisturised.

On my face, I love using LESSE’s Bioactive Masque followed by their Ritual Serum. I’m currently pregnant, so my skincare routine now also includes taking care of my growing belly. I lather on So Kind’s Love Lines Balm each night and its the perfect moisturiser for the mother-to-be.

Being pregnant, a large part of my sleep routine also involves making sure I’m in a correct and comfortable position, which is made far easier with the help of the Butterfly Maternity Pillow.

What is your solution for those nights you simply can’t nod off to sleep?

On nights like this, I’m more often than not, overstimulated or anxious - so getting to the bottom of what’s keeping my mind racing tends to be a good place to start. If I’m overwhelmed with work or an insurmountable to-do list, I like making sure that I have a plan in action for the following day.

I’ll hand write a list of things that need to be accomplished, especially the small and menial tasks, and I’ll do my best to keep the lights dim and stay off my phone. If I’m too wired to lay down, I’ll get up and do something repetitive or soothing until I feel somewhat sleepy again. Sometimes this looks like cleaning, self-massage or reading a book.

What time does your alarm go off in the morning? Walk us through your morning routine.

Lucy and I share a morning alarm and it goes off around 7am. We’ll spend a few minutes snuggling the dogs before rolling out of bed and taking them for a morning stroll around our neighbourhood. If there’s nothing for breakfast at home, we’ll pick up some pastries from our local Viennoiserie.

When we’re done with our walk, I begin my day with a cup of tea, splash my face with cold water and apply LESSE’s Ritual Serum liberally. I try and do a few minutes of gentle movement each morning; some days this looks like a two minute stretch, on others it’s a pre-natal pilates class with Fluid Form. When I’m feeling ready, I’ll open my emails and begin my workday.

What are three things (besides coffee) that help when you’re too tired to function?

A nap, a trip to the Library, or some fresh air.

What do you normally eat for breakfast to kickstart your day?

A croissant, a big bowl of porridge with lots of brown sugar, or eggs with avocado, blanched greens, and a seeded sourdough.

For more from Kate, follow her Instagram @laurentrend

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