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How to Survive 2021's Second Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

If life has begun to feel a little uncertain or things aren’t necessarily working out for you, you can blame it on astrology. The second Mercury retrograde of 2021 is officially kicking off on May 29, which means we’re in for a rocky ride over the next four weeks until it exits on June 22.

While the world isn’t necessarily going to collapse, when Mercury is in retrograde it is known to bring a lot of disruption, miscommunication and chaos in the form of missed appointments, arguments, mental confusion and (a lot of) broken or missing phones.

Here’s everything you need to know about the second retrograde of the year so you can prepare yourself, and maybe even use the astrological changes to your advantage.

What are Mercury retrograde dates for 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be in complete retrograde movement during the following date ranges:

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the quick-moving planet that governs communication, technology and travel. When Mercury goes into retrograde (which is roughly every 88 days), the planet slows down, which makes it look like it's moving away from Earth.

These periods are associated with confusion, delay and frustration as all things related to communication and transmission are thrown off balance.

What to expect from 2021’s second Mercury retrograde

According to astrologer Natasha Weber, the second Mercury retrograde of 2021 will force you to think deeply and critically, so you can make important decisions.

"This time, the communication planet rewinds through the sign of the Twins, so there’s a double emphasis on receiving and relaying information," Weber tells Bed Threads Journal. "What’s unique about this Mercury retrograde is that it spends an extra long spell in Gemini – 10 long weeks to be more specific."

While this will give you plenty of time to learn from Mercury's lesson, Weber warns not to take anything at face value with this shady mercury retrograde.

"The cosmos expects you to listen, learn and then process the facts for yourself. Generally speaking, there will be an influx of new information, data and knowledge to absorb," Weber continues.

"From there, you may have a big decision to make that pulls you in two different directions."

How to survive 2021’s second Mercury retrograde

Since Mercury is all about communication – both verbal and written – it’s important you prioritise this to make the most out of the next few weeks. But Weber also says this presents an opportunity for you to go within.

"Although you may find yourself at a crossroad wondering which path to follow, Mercury's retrograde gives you a chance to mull over your options."

To take advantage of 2021's retrograde, gather your thoughts, ask yourself deep questions and find what you want in life.

She also mentions that Mercury will come to a grinding halt before sliding backwards, which is the perfect time to "catch your breath and stop forcing progress."

"Review the information at hand so you can move forward in a new and improved direction that’s fully informed," Weber says. "That’s a sure-fire way to make a proper decision."

Star signs affected the most by 2021’s second Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograding in its ruling sign, Gemini. Gemini is known to be playful, intellectually curious, the social butterflies of the zodiacs, and are constantly juggling a variety of passions and hobbies.

This retrograde season could leave a Gemini feeling destroyed, but it could also be a period of enlightenment if the next few weeks are used wisely. As communication collapses, Geminis need to try to think before speaking, show their emotions, speak what they truly believe in and learn that it's ok to not be a people-pleaser. This will help them reassess their dreams so they can continue the year head working towards their goals.

Natasha Weber is one of Australia's leading astrologers. Follow Natasha on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and get your free birth chart here.

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