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Six decorating tricks Monikh Dale borrowed from her covetable closet.

| By Antonia Day | Journal

Exactly How This Fashion Stylist Adds Interest to Her Neutral Home

Six decorating tricks Monikh Dale borrowed from her covetable closet.

Interior design and fashion have long been the most common means for individuals to express themselves freely. From playing with different colours and textures, to the overall composition of looks, these two worlds are extremely similar in their ability to communicate one’s personality and interests.

An example of how these creative worlds collide harmoniously, is in London-based fashion stylist Monikh Dale’s home. One step inside her space and it’s easy to see the parallels between her personal style and taste in interiors. “I’ve always thought they go hand-in-hand; my space is a continuation of me and my clothes,” she told Bed Threads Journal.

An earth-toned-and-textured minimalist haven, her home (that she shares with her husband and two-year-old daughter) is void of the typical smattering of bright plastic figurines most parents are accustomed to manoeuvring around.

After touring her home in our The Makers series, we took a deep dive to better understand how this fashionista makes her home just as covetable as her wardrobe.

1. Chooses pieces that reflect personal style

Without the assortment of bespoke ceramics, flourishing flora and vintage designer furniture, Monikh’s London home is the perfect blank canvas. Using this to her advantage, Monikh has carefully selected pieces over time that reflect her personal style and complement the space they've been placed in. Just like her coveted wardrobe, she's gathered pieces that mean a lot to her over the years, and considered how they'll work with the items she already owns.

2. Balances elegance and effortlessness

Not only is Monikh a successful stylist and content creator, she is also a wife and mother to a two-year-old, so making her home stylish and functional was paramount when designing her space. Monikh tactfully designed her space to have ample storage, allowing her to easily put away items that she needs but don’t necessarily suit her space. The kitchen and living area are great examples of this, where cascading shelves and cupboards line the walls, to house decor and also store regular household items.

3. Sticks to an earthy colour palette

Similar to her sartorial elegance, Monikh experiments with different tones from an earthy colour palette to bring the rooms in her home to life. By sticking to neutral hues, Monikh is able to incorporate an array of different shades within the same colour family which results in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

4. Incorporates natural textures

From various types of natural wood, to different stones and fibrous textures, Monikh incorporates various natural textures in her home to add depth and dimension. Although her home is mainly neutral, she adds intrigue by playing around with contrasting materials and textures which elevate the space.

5. Mixes high-end pieces and affordable finds

Just like her wardrobe, Monikh combines high-end luxury pieces with more affordable finds to create her desired look. She implements this mixed approach to styling in her home by investing in pieces such as her dining table and lounge, and styles them with more accessible items which she can swap out over time like cushions, coffee table books, and decor.

6. Decorates with natural elements

Another way Monikh adds interest to her neutral home is by using natural elements such as houseplants, floral arrangements, and bowls of seasonal produce as decor. Incorporating natural elements like these helps break up the neutral space and allows her to easily change up the overall look of the home depending on her mood and the season.

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