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Are You Shopping for Houseplants on Instagram Yet? These Are the 7 Best Plant Services to Follow

In my opinion, a home isn't complete without a houseplant (or ten). In fact, it takes every fibre of my being to walk past a nursery without racking up a couple of hundred dollars in new plant purchases. The struggle is real. I don't have a sparkling clean track record when it comes to being a plant parent, so I regularly need to tell myself that when all of my existing houseplants are doing well I *might* be able to add another one to the collection. No one tells you about the guilt you feel when you accidentally leave one out in the sun for a week and it becomes a shrivelled mess, or when you drown another one in what you think is an adequate amount of water for a fiddle leaf. They can be fickle, but boy do they improve the look and feel of a space and provide a refreshing and natural touch to our little indoor worlds. Of course, my Instagram following list is full of leafy inspo, and I've recently noticed an increase in the number of indoor plant services that can deliver houseplants directly to your door which will save you time and money if you're like me and can't be trusted at the IKEA garden section. Strap in for some stunning green visuals from the plant services you need to be following on Instagram.


Now this is a captain I'd be happy to follow. Based in Sydney, Lara and Suzy of Captain Monstera are committed to sharing their passion and knowledge of plants to those who have previously resigned to the fact that they have a black thumb or simply don't know where to start in decking their place out with some lush greens. Their super-simple service allows you to pick your fave pot then select the houseplant to match, from a trusty rubber plant to a striking hanging devils ivy. Oh, they also offer a plant styling service if you'd prefer they come and check out your apartment to see what would work best and have the best chance of surviving long-term.


Each month, the team at Leaf Supply curates an always beautiful trio of trending plants to make up their core offering which you can easily have yourself via their simple delivery service. Ranging from $39 to the $99 option which comes with its very own handmade ceramic planter, simply add to cart and patiently wait until your newest leafy pal arrives at your doorstep. While you wait, you definitely have to check out their stylish selection of gardening tools, including their very own 'Indoor Jungle' book.


If you didn't know that plant styling is a rapidly-growing niche of interior design, now you do. The talented, pot-slinging team behind Plant Philosophy know a thing or two about transforming an interior space—whether it's a home or an office space—into a luxe and lush oasis. The benefit of having an expert come and consult on your space is that they're able to assess the climate and conditions which then directly informs their plant selection. All this really means is that it's going to be a breeze to maintain and grow your indoor paradise.


For all of our Victorian friends, Folia House is your one-stop plant shop. Their Instagram feed is filled with prickly cacti, vertical gardens, and quirky plant pots that are available to buy directly on their website. They've got some very rare and eye-catching options for those who aren't satisfied with the run of the mill peace lily which will make you look like a knowledgable horticulturist to any visitors you have over. If you'd like to surround yourself in all of the magical foliage in person, their Melbourne location is the space of our dreams.


For all of the stateside readers, Bloomscape is making plant care easy and enjoyable. With free shipping nationwide, their interactive website has done the hard work in selecting the right plant for you. There are specific categories for people with pets, those who live in low-light conditions, and extra-large varieties that are sure to wow your guests. With generations of plant-growing ancestors, the team behind Bloomscape are your best bet for knowledge and healthy plants; they'll even replace any dead plant within thirty days of purchasing. That should relieve some of your plant parent stress so you can enjoy your newfound jungle aesthetic.


You didn't think we'd forgotten about everyone in the UK who's equally obsessed with houseplants as us, did you? Enter, Leaf Envy: your go-to for beginners and plant enthusiasts alike. They know that plant parenthood is about more than just the aesthetics, that's why they're committed to making the process of bringing the outdoors in an easy one for the modern person. Their subscription service is the perfect way to slowly build up your caretaking skills, whereby Leaf Envy sends you a brand new addition every one, two, or three months for you to enjoy and fuss over. And, if you ever come into a plant-related pickle, their online A-Z tips page will help you to remedy it fast.


Botanic Box works closely with local artisans and growers to bring you the freshest and most original houseplants and pots to make your house feel like a home. With delivery all over the east coast of Aus, simply select your subscription length from three to twelve months and watch your indoor jungle grow over time until you're a bona fide plant lady. Did we mention that their Instagram page is pure green goodness? Get your daily dose of the best in interiors with plants from their dreamy and calming gallery.

While we're on the topic, these are our top tips for becoming the best plant parent you can be.

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