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The Nook: Inside the Cosy Bedroom of Plant Stylist Benny Alcaraz

Welcome to The Nook, our new weekly series chronicling the dreamy bedrooms of our favourite people on Instagram. For this debut instalment, we tour the stylish Melbourne sanctuary of plant stylist Benny Alcaraz, otherwise known as @plantsbybenny on Instagram.

No matter what stage you're at with your own indoor jungle, one of our favourite sources of inspiration (and voices of authority) for all things plants is Melbourne-based plant stylist Benny Alcaraz.

After relocating from sunny Queensland to less-sunny Melbourne, Benny began collecting indoor plants in an effort to brighten up his home. Now, he has one of the most impressive collections of indoor plants we've seen. It is in his bedroom that he feels most inspired, with Rust and Sage linen, a wall of natural light, and an abundance of bedside plants working in harmony to create a cosy sanctuary.

Benny has amassed a dedicated following of fellow plant enthusiasts on Instagram at @plantsbybenny, with a feed filled with artfully placed and well cared for potted plants, and detailed commentary on the ins and outs of optimal plant maintenance. Every post is a goldmine worthy of your Saved folder.

Get inspired by the calming bedroom of plant enthusiast Benny Alcaraz, and read our interview with him below.

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Hi Benny! Your bedroom is so dreamy. Can you tell us how the space reflects your personality?

Thank you. I have used warm natural tones to try and evoke peace and calm. The use of plants in my bedroom is, in essence, a tribute to my love for nature and life. They allow me a sense of peace in my busy life.

How do you go about styling your space? Where are your favourite pieces from and how do you choose what to include in the space?

I tend to gravitate towards pieces with natural and warm tones. Handcrafted wooden plant stands give my favourite plants height and dimension; they allow the foliage to really stand out and bring the room to life. Ceramic planters, handmade by amazing ceramic artist like Leaf and Thread, Studio Arhoj, Wingnut & Co and Bergs Potter, really add a sense of sophistication to my collection. They're different in shape but share the same warm tone, making them cohesive as a group.

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What does having a comfortable and inviting bedroom mean to you?

My bedroom is often the place where I find the most inspiration. Having recently taken up acrylic painting, my bedroom has been a treasure trove of wonderful things that I can paint.

When did your passion plants first begin, and how did you learn about how to care for them?

My passion for plants first started while I was living in Queensland. The warm, sunny, tropical climate was a haven for plants. When I moved to Melbourne, the bitter cold was sometimes gloomy and uninspiring. Adding plants to my space really helped bring warmth and life to my room. As I added more, my love for plants quickly grew and adding them to every corner has been so fun.

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What are your top tips for caring for indoor plants?

The most important plant tip I wish I had from the start is that you should buy plants suitable for your space. Do your research and make sure that the plant you're bringing home has a chance to thrive. Check that there is enough light. Keep your plant tags—those little labels your plants come with—and actually read them, they're more helpful than you might realise! They will tell you the plant's basic requirements, and if you know you can meet those then you can confidently bring that green baby home with you.

What does your regular sleep routine look like?

I usually spend half an hour on my skin routine before bed. I have recently started using The Ordinary: it is so affordable and has done wonders for my skin. After pampering my face with serums I lay in bed with a cup of tea. I'd like to say I read a book before bed but haven't been doing that recently. Instead I somehow find myself scrolling through TikTok until I get really tired and fall asleep.

For more from Benny Alcaraz, follow him at @plantsbybenny.

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