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7 Easy (And Affordable) Zero-Waste Swaps for a Plastic-Free Day

Plastic pollution has become one of the hottest topics of our generation, with more and more research showing the devastating effects on our planet from extreme amounts of daily waste.

Australians alone send approximately 1.5 tonnes of rubbish to landfill each year, which has inspired many to take up the challenge of living with less waste in their day-to-day lives.

From things as simple as remembering to bring a reusable water bottle to work to opting for package-free items when grocery shopping, the switch to plastic-free doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, we've got seven easy and affordable zero-waste swaps that you can make this week to reduce your waste and live with less plastic.

7 Easy (And Affordable) Zero-Waste Swaps for a Plastic-Free Day

1. Bring your own coffee cup

We're starting really simple here, with your morning cup of coffee. This swap is super easy to accomplish, and your coffee will no doubt taste a little bit better when it's sipped from a ceramic creation. A reusable coffee cup doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, but make a mental note to pack it in your bag before you leave the house each day and you'll have formed a waste-free habit in no time.

2. Pack a drink bottle

Another easy-peasy lifestyle swap is to give up buying plastic water bottles when you're feeling thirsty, instead opting for a reusable version that you can use day in day out. Grab yourself an insulated drink bottle that'll keep your water cool all day long and treat your new bottle like your sidekick—it should go wherever you do.

3. Keep shopping bags in the car

Single-use plastic bags have been phased out by the majority of the supermarket giants here in Australia, which is a great step in the right direction. You can go one step further though, and keep your own shopping bags in the boot of your car for when you need to duck to the shops to grab ingredients for dinner. You won't risk forgetting if you always replenish your own stash.

4. Use a bamboo toothbrush

A staggering five million plastic toothbrushes are thrown away each year. Now's the time to make the switch to an eco-friendly option that not only makes sure your teeth are clean as a whistle but is made with sustainable bamboo that is biodegradable.

5. Buy package-free cleaning products

Any cleaning or personal hygiene aisle you'll walk through at your local store will reveal hundreds of products that are made for cleaning both your home and your body. The downside is that the majority of them are packaged in nasty plastic that can actually be avoided.

Fortunately, great products like this zero waste dish soap make it possible to make a more sustainable decision when it comes to cleaning. Check out the markets in your local area where you're sure to find handmade options that support artisans and the planet at the same time.

6. Store food in reusable containers

Eliminate the wasteful process of throwing away plastic food containers by investing in high-quality stainless steel to keep food fresh in your fridge and pantry such as this airtight BPA free option. They're perfecting for transporting lunch to work or keeping leftover dinners, and you'll have them for a lifetime.

7. Wrap food in beeswax

If you haven't seen or heard of beeswax wraps before, they're the washable, reusable alternative to plastic or cling wrap. Made from certified organic ingredients, these stylish and oh so practicable wraps will actually add some fun into an otherwise mundane kitchen task.

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