These Trending Plinths Make Any Home Feel Like a Museum

The latest left-of-centre home décor trend on our to do list comes straight from the museum. In the place of side tables and tallboys, in the bedrooms, living rooms and transitional hall and entryway spaces of some of our favourite homes, there they are: sturdy, rectangular prisms, usually stone, sometimes encased in mirrored glass.

Plinths have been used for thousands of years, in Ancient Roman architecture and Italy in the Renaissance, and in imperial-era China. Today, they're most commonly used in museums, galleries and retail spaces to display objects of significance—and now as a novel alternative to tables with legs.

Read on for some of our favourite examples of the plinth trend, and how these the statement-making table substitutes bring weight, structure and focus to any room.

Australian design house En Gold offers a range of luxe plinths in a range of stone—marble, travertine, quartz, granite, you name it. If you're looking for a specific colour or pattern, En Gold has got you. Pictured above is the impeccable living room of Steffanie Ball, the maker behind the brand, replete with her own travertine plinth duo.

Seen above in the gorgeously colourful home of Prudence Caroline is the rare circular plinth. Opting for a cylinder instead of a prism is a softer and more nuanced way to do this trend.

Mirrored plinths add dimension and depth to any room, and work best with a refined space free of clutter. Above, one of our favourite designers inside one of our favourite homes: the Sarah Ellison Plinth 35 in the living room at Olive Cooke's '70s-inspired minimalist sanctuary.

Above, a pair of marble plinths beside the bed at the home of marble maestro Adele Cotruzzola. The maker behind Just Adele offers has created a range of plinths and tables that will make you want only marble furniture from now on. We especially love the highly aesthetic Low Plinth style.

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