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Here's how to stay on track in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde.

| By Meghan Rose | Entertainment

Your Monthly Horoscope for September Is Officially Here

Here's how to stay on track in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde.

September brings us several chances to reassess and redecorate our space based on the Astrological transits of the month. We are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde in earthly and organised Virgo which requires us to get ourselves in order to ensure we thrive til the 15th. This transit is one of many that will have us redefining who we are and how we want to show up in the world. Venus (the planet of beauty) is still in a retrograde period for the first three days before going direct in the fiery and bold sign of Leo on the 3rd. When this happens, all of the ideas that you may have been conjuring up over the last 40-day and 40-night cycle will feel feasible to bring to life again! Most of these internal changes you’ve just undergone will be reflected externally in the coming weeks.

With a New Moon in Virgo arriving on September 14th, we will have a chance to lean into what feels good and natural to us, saying “no” to whatever (or whoever) is misaligned with this new journey we are about to embark on. It’s okay for your upgrades to come with growing pains, so long as you are gentle with yourself and allot some time for rest and relaxation to even out all of that growth. The very next day, Mercury retrograde ends and the planet of communication stations direct in the sign of Virgo on the 15th. With all of this Virgo energy, why not try to get your life in order and opt for a higher-quality and more minimal lifestyle to ensure a sense of inner peace.

Just a few days later, Libra season arrives, ensuring our life feels harmonious and connective. This is a perfect time to host and get social again after all of that cleaning, clearing, and organising that we did for the first three weeks of the month! We end September with a Full Moon in Aries on the 29th, inviting us to be bolder and more authentic than ever before. Try not to shy away from self-expression during this time; those who speak up and speak loudly will stand out from the crowd.

Want to know more about how to align with the stars this month? Read below for both your sun and rising sign to get the most accurate info for the month ahead!


With Venus sitting in fellow fire sign Leo for the entire month of September, you will feel inspired to make changes in your life which will allow you to experience ease and joy more frequently. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money, so you can expect upgrades in all of these areas of your life this month. As the sun in Virgo sits in your sixth house of daily routines and habits, try to make your life more simple and enjoyable by getting rid of clutter and transforming your home into a sanctuary. Instead of waiting all year long to go off on a dreamy vacation, you will see a positive impact from making each day feel rejuvenating. No longer will you feel like running away from your daily life. You will notice a transformation in your love life and finances from having a warm and relaxing space to come back to. That is the power of aligning with Venus!


September is bringing you several opportunities to start a new journey into something that makes you feel excited about life again, Taurus. When the New Moon in Virgo arrives and illuminates your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, lean into what inspires you. If you find you have trouble being self-motivating, this will be a great month to take yourself to live performances, museums, group classes, or workshops that allow you to receive inspiration from others. You do not have to go at this alone, Taurus. Another way to utilise this powerful energy would be to host a gathering or a themed party with your loved ones. Something as simple as laughter can cure the aching in your soul. There is a reason that we humans are such connective creatures… we thrive when we are surrounded by others.


As the month of September arrives, you may be feeling a bit torn. Although this tends to be a calm and reflective month, you will notice with Venus in Leo sitting in your third house of friends and socialisation for the entirety of this month that you are more drawn to going out. Give yourself the opportunity to both stay inside and reflect as well as going out and connecting with others. Finding balance is key, especially when the sun shifts into fellow air sign Libra on the 23rd. This month will bring you ample opportunities to dive deeper into your existing relationships as well as creating new friendships. Don’t get too caught up in what the “right” thing to do is, just listen to your gut on whether it’s a day to spend solo or with others. Sometimes even the simplest change – like working from a new environment – can do wonders for you and your mood!


With Venus in Leo sitting in your second house of material possessions and worth for the month of September, you might feel a shift in your sense of self-worth brewing. It’s important to understand that being too tough on yourself not only hurts your feelings, but it also hurts your chances of meeting and connecting with others who will treat you properly. This month is rewriting any negative narratives you might have around yourself and how you show up in the world. Remember, it’s never too late to redefine who you are and start brand new! Try sprucing up your space with new decor that makes you feel proud to have people over, or starting a new morning routine that helps you feel excited to get out of bed in the morning! You are not required to stay the same, especially if that no longer feels good for you and where your life is at now.


You are going to have a powerful opportunity to redefine who you are and where you’re going after this month. You will feel extra motivated around the New Moon in Virgo arriving on the 14th as this lunation lands in your second house of material possessions and worth. Whether this is at work or in your close relationships, it is now time to speak up for what you want and raise your standards, Leo. No longer can you sit in the shadows, and when the sun enters Libra and lights up your third house of friends and socialisation on the 23rd, you will benefit from having others rally around you and celebrate your big wins this month! Don’t shy away from an opportunity to host your besties and open your heart about what’s important to you. Others will feel lucky to celebrate with you!


Virgo, this month has *you* written all over it. We have a New Moon in your sign arriving on the 14th and encouraging you to start a new journey doing something you love. If you have an idea or passion project that you’ve been avoiding, now will be the time to revive it and finally bring it to life! We also have Mercury sitting in your sign for the entirety of this month and coming out of its retrograde period on the 15th, helping you get your words and thoughts in order to more effectively share with others. You do not have to do this alone, Virgo. Let other people support you, and don’t be afraid to call upon your network for help in channelling this idea out into the world. As your brain is firing up this month, you will need an extra hour (or two) each night of rest to ensure you’re not getting burnt out. Try sleeping in something cosy, closing the blinds, and turning your alarm off. Waking up refreshed is a sure-fire way to get through your to-do list in the morning.


The month of September is going to offer you an opportunity to face the things that have held you back from being your true self. With the New Moon in Virgo landing in your twelfth house of endings and karma on the 14th, you will have to face any self-sabotaging habits head-on to finally move past them. If you’re keeping your head, your heart, or your home in disarray, this month will be a perfect opportunity to tend to them. Your love and attention could change the world, Libra. But it’s important to start with yourself. Self-prioritisation is not selfish, it’s a necessary way to ensure that your cup is full and able to give back to others or your projects. Try out a restful bedtime routine, or run yourself a hot bath to relax after a long day. Whatever your body, heart, and home need: put these things at the top of your to-do list all month long. Your future self will thank you!


The month of September will be very fruitful for you in terms of career and close relationships, Scorpio. With the sun sitting in Virgo until the 23rd and illuminating your eleventh house of community, you will find others are more receptive to you this month. Don’t waste this energy! Get yourself outside and connect with like-minded people to take advantage of this positive opportunity. This will be especially important with the New Moon in Virgo arriving on the 14th and amplifying this social and connective energy in your life. Struggling to find something to do with your crew? Try cooking for the people you love and inviting them to yours! As long as you are surrounded by others, this month is guaranteed to feel like a breeze.


With Venus (the planet of beauty and love) sitting in fellow fire sign Leo for the entire month of September, you are gearing up for a season of romance. If you’re not in the market for love, try to romanticise your life this month. Turn your bedroom into a pretty palace, light your favourite scented candle, or get yourself dolled up before you spend time making art. There is no shortage of beauty in this world, just a decision on whether or not to look for it. Encourage yourself to lean into light, fantastical, romantic energy in any way that you can. Even something as simple as drinking your morning tea (or coffee) without the distraction of a phone can prove to be a moment of peace amidst the chaos. This life is yours, don’t forget to live it!


You are going to feel jazzed up this month and ready to express yourself and your talents to the world, Capricorn! With the New Moon in Virgo arriving on the 14th and lighting up your ninth house of travel and philosophy, it will benefit you to see new parts of the world or communicate with those who have a different background than you do. Culture is the key word here, and bringing some of it into your life and home will be a perfect way to align with this lunar energy. Try to read, research, and explore the corners of the world that excite you, or time periods that inspire you. By thinking outside of the box, you will find that the conversations you’re having and connections you’re fostering will benefit from your newfound insights. Who knows, this could even lead to a romantic change before the year concludes.


With Venus (the planet of love and beauty) sitting in your seventh house of romantic relationships and long-term commitments for the entire month, you can expect the unexpected, Aquarius! Others will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame, but you will have the upper hand to choose who you let into your heart (and your home) in September. Be sure to take some time to process the conversations that you’re having and the promises that are being made to you. You do not need to jump into any agreements that do not feel 100% aligned with you or what you want. When you treat yourself like a priority, others will follow suit, so make sure that you are upgrading everything in your life to reflect the way you love and perceive yourself. Even changing out parts of your home from chapters of your life you no longer align with can be a great way to spruce up your space and energetically declare you are starting a new chapter!


With the sun sitting in your sister sign, Virgo, until the 23rd, the month of September is going to make you feel open-hearted, connective, and optimistic about where your life is headed. You might feel like you are being given opportunities left and right when it comes to work and romance, and it’s your job to steer clear of any distractions! Your energy is high right now, and any confusion you might be feeling is not yours to hold onto. Surrounding yourself with the right people is key this month. Try taking yourself to events or workshops with like-minded people, say “no” to spending time with those who drag you down, and redefine what your relationship with yourself looks like. If you are willing to go towards what feels good and avoid what feels out of alignment to avoid overstimulation, this month (and beyond) will be very bright for you!

About the author

Meghan Rose is a world-renowned Astrologer, Tarot reader, and writer known for her horoscopes and her work with Astrological compatibility. She is based in Los Angeles but offers her work around the world to clients and brands looking to align with the ever-changing celestial energy. You can find her at , TikTok, or Instagram.

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