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How to Create a ‘Soft Vintage Aesthetic’ in Your Bedroom

Decorating your own home can be a daunting process, especially when you consider the ever-changing trends and abundance of styles to take inspiration from. But when it comes to styling your bedroom, it's hard to go wrong with vintage design and a muted colour palette. Combine the two and you get the 'Soft Vintage Aesthetic'; a dialled down culmination of retro design and pastel sunset hues. 

This style is a more sweet, feminine, and younger take on straight up vintage style. It's full of character and has become an increasingly popular aesthetic on social media alongside cottagecore.

One of the great things about this style is that by choosing to source vintage furniture you're limiting waste and not contributing to overconsumption by giving unused yet quality pieces a new home.

Below, we look at eight key elements of the style that you can incorporate into your bedroom design.

How to Create a Soft Vintage Bedroom Aesthetic

1. Incorporate mid-century furniture

One of the hallmarks of the soft vintage aesthetic is mid-century furniture. Furniture items in this style add charm, warmth, and retro appeal, hence why it works so well with the soft vintage aesthetic. Opt for mid-century dressers in particular.

2. Use Warm lighting

Given it's your bedroom and the overarching theme exudes cosy vibes, opting for warm-toned lighting is the way to go here.

3. Lay down a vintage-style rug

You can distinguish a vintage or vintage-style rug from other styles simply by the patterns they display. Vintage-style rugs with a traditional feel typically feature scrollwork, floral motifs, borders, and even medallions. Opt for a warm-neutral tone given how decorative they are and to tie in with the theme.

4. Embrace sunset hues

This style relies heavily on soft and warm shades, particularly pinks and oranges. These can be implemented in any way in your bedroom be it through a feature wall, décor, rug, or your bedding. Our Pink Clay, Terracotta, Lavender, and Peach colourways tie in perfectly with this look.

5. Go retro with your accessories

Record players and retro lamps are popular accessories used to achieve this look. Mushroom lamps in particular are a great option. They date back to the '50s and made it big in the '70s before exploding with popularity on social media another few decades later.

6. Add a vintage mirror

A gilded mirror, preferably gold or bronze, hanging or leaning against your wall won't only accentuate the vintage feel of your space, but it will also increase its brightness and help make it appear larger.

7. Plants, plants, plants

They're décor, they're wellness, they're kind of everything. Incorporating indoor plants to your bedroom taps into the '70s indoor jungle trend that works so well in vintage-style spaces. You can work with most plants here, but we'd recommend devil's ivy in particular.

8. Velvet and plush materials

Pink velvet chairs or a velvet bed head/bed bases are the way to go if you want to fully embrace this style. Fluffy rugs and cushions are also wonderful for achieving the style and will add texture and interest to your sleeping sanctuary.

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