Styling Your Bedroom Like This Could Help You Fall Asleep

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in one’s home—it’s where we clock the most hours outside of work and play. So, it’s only logical that we pour over our Instagram feeds and curate Pinterest boards in search of the finest accoutrements to deck out our dream sleep dens.

The process, however, should be equal parts aesthetic and pragmatic—the ways we style our bedrooms will deliver visual and sensorial cues to the mind that could help or hurt our six to eight hours a night. While we juggle to achieve a work/life balance and limit those caffeine intakes to one or two a day, below are five quick wins to improve your sleep hygiene and style your bedroom to hashtag goals simultaneously.

Scent is your best friend

Scents like lavender are science-backed and tested for relaxing properties. A 2013 study on the efficacy of lavender on neurological disorders found that its host of therapeutic properties improved patients’ experiences of sleep disruption and restlessness. Attempt to incorporate lavender into your evening routine or make the scent a mainstay in the bedroom space—a scented candle or pillow spray should do the trick and ease busy minds in the process of unwinding.

Opt for soothing colours

Colour psychology is extremely important to dictate our moods as well as our optimal sleeping environments. While we would abstain from painting the entire bedroom in bold colour—unless that works for you!—we recommend incorporating shades of dark blue, pastel pink or silver into your bedroom, which are intended to promote serenity. For a subtle introduction into colour, consider our Drift or Rosewater sets.

Create strategic mood lighting

To incentivise the tried and tested device switch off an hour before bed you’ve been meaning to try, go the extra mile and attempt to unwind in a darker setting some time before hitting the pillow. Mood lighting will aid to transition from a manic day into a peaceful mindset, reminding you to slow down. A bedside or floor lamp are both practical alternatives that circumvent direct light in your line of vision, while still enabling you to navigate from bathroom to bed before it’s time to switch off. The soothing glow emitted by candlelight—complemented by a calming scent like our Spiced Pear & Oak or Fireside candles—will also work just as well.

Add greenery to your space

Besides their Instagram-friendly benefits, a host of plants are known for their sleep-inducing properties as well as their capacities to boost one’s home decor. Amongst these, areca palms, mother-in-law’s tongue, orchids and succulents are welcome bedside buds that will purify the air and optimise sleep without compromise. When styling these, find a nook or empty shelf space to hero your plant and draw the eye to it, cultivating a natural sanctuary inside your most treasured space.

Invest in quality bedding

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, so we may as well do it in comfort and style. Prioritise quality bedding that is simultaneously practical, beautiful and affordable to promote a good night’s sleep. Our Bed Threads are composed of 100% flax linen—rounding out quality bedding that promotes peaceful sleep thanks to its breathability in the summer, added warmth in the winter, low maintenance care and wash, and hardwearing durability. That, and it also feels like butter—served up in colourways fit for every appetite. Peruse our styles here.

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