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Become a Sustainable Renter With These Landlord-Approved Tips

Renting your home can come with a heap of perks (a seachange has never been easier), but on the flip side, there are a few disadvantages to living in a place where your landlord controls all of the major decisions that relate to the property. While you should probably get permission before you go painting your walls in this year's hottest tone, there are a lot of smaller changes that can have a huge, positive impact not only on your wallet but the environment as well. Follow these easy tips to become a sustainable renter this year.

Be water smart

One simple way to reduce running costs and lower the amount of water wastage (up to 40%) is to swap out your shower head to a water-efficient version. Always keep the original in case your landlord would like you to swap it back at the end of your lease, and check if you might even be eligible for a free replacement of your old showerhead under schemes like The Victoria Energy Saver.

Choose efficient appliances

Electric appliances are much more energy-efficient than they once were, so it's easy to make the switch if you suspect that your old fridge is costing you when it comes to your quarterly bill. If you're living in a rental home with air conditioning or a built-in washing machine, you're well within your rights to suggest an efficient alternative, with some states offering rebates to swap your appliances.

Reduce heating and cooling

There are a number of ways to effectively heat or cool a rental, no matter what season. One way is to draught-proof your home to stop air from entering/exiting a room which will mean you won't need to use your fan or heater as much. As old school as they might be, draught stoppers work wonders for under your door. It's also important to consider your home in zones so that you're not heating or cooling areas you're not using by sectioning off rooms by closing off doors.

Switch your light globes

The next time you turn your overhead lights on, consider whether you could use a table or floor lamp instead to reduce running costs. Dimming them is also a great sustainable option, and all of the lightbulbs in your place should be switched to LEDs which can cut your energy bills down significantly. If you can, always make the most of natural light sources and windows to avoid switching on lights when you're at home.

Start growing your food

If you thought you needed a large stretch of backyard to grow a veggie patch, you'd be mistaken. With the rise of vertical gardens and apartment living, anyone can create a living, breathing food source no matter how limited you are on outdoor space. There's nothing like using your very own tomatoes and basil to craft a delicious bolognese sauce.

Begin composting

Just like creating an edible garden is possible no matter where you live, the sustainable art of composting is now achievable with an array of indoor and outdoor options that will cut down on the amount of food waste out that finds its way into landfill. Experts say that over half of our household garbage is made up of this avoidable waste, so now's the time to take matters into your own hands.

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