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How to Create the Gallery Wall of Your Dreams on a Budget

Ahh, the gallery wall. When done well, it instantly elevates a space and injects a major dose of personality into an otherwise underwhelming room. With an endless amount of options to choose from when curating your own art wall, it can be hard to know where or how to start at your place. The good news is that we're here to show you how easy it can be, and provide you with a few simple and affordable tips to make sure you nail it on the first go (although re-arranging is half the fun!). Happy hanging.

Eclectic frames

For a gallery wall that's equal parts curated and casual, mix up the shape, size, and colour of your frames. A cost-effective hack is to head to your local second-hand store where you can often find some hidden gems that can be easily spruced up with a can of paint or varnish.

Go frameless

On second thought, frames are overrated. Let some of your favourite pieces shine by simply taping them or by using clips to attach them to the wall. This way you can easily swap things in and out as you please—like a working mood board for your wall.

Mix up the subject

Our favourite gallery walls are those that combine original art, personal photographs, and modern prints. While living in an art gallery might seem appealing, your home should feel a touch more intimate than that. By creating a gallery wall at home, you have an opportunity to tell a visual story that's specific to you, your interests, and your travels.

Play with scale

A really easy way to add interest to your gallery wall is to switch things up sizewise. Incorporating large, small and medium pieces will help to create balance and harmony, resulting in an arrangement that will draw everyone who sees it in for a closer inspection. Pro tip: start by placing your largest piece first, then arrange smaller artworks around. Did we mention our brand new Stephanie DeAngelis x Bed Threads Prints are a beautiful (and affordable!) addition to any gallery wall?

Just DIY it

Got a spare tin of paint lying around? Grab a paintbrush and a small canvas and unleash your inner artist! Seriously though, including your own art on your gallery wall will make you feel like you've got your own solo exhibition going on. More crafty than arty? Forage for a beautiful dried leaf and press it between a frame for something completely different.

Map it out

Before you even pick up the hammer and nails, it's best to start planning your art arrangement on the floor first. To make sure everything lines up just so, use a large drop sheet and tape to map out where each piece will go. It will save you hours when it comes time to hang and your walls will thank you, too.

More décor? Check out the small-space hacks that all New Yorkers swear by.

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