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These All-Natural Sleep Remedies Actually Work

Have you ever found yourself staring at the ceiling at a godforsaken hour wishing you could just. fall. asleep?

The longer you lie awake, the more aware you become of the time lost to being awake, and the more worried you become about what you should be doing... which is sleeping.

To help you fall into a deep and restful slumber, here are the natural remedies people swear by to sleep instead of count sheep.

1. Stretch Your Body

Stretching your body is the perfect pre-bed ritual as it helps sooth your body and calm your mind. Combined with five minutes of deep breathing, the act of stretching can calm your nervous system and release pressure in muscles you didn’t even know you had. You will feel more calm throughout the core of your body, which will help let your body know it's time to sleep.

2. Supplement Your Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is a hormone that all of us produce, and is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycles, which are also known as our circadian rhythms. If you’re having problems falling asleep, it may be because your melatonin levels are off kilter. It can be found naturally in vegetables such as cucumber or broccoli, or even in grains like rice and oats. Yet if you feel more is required, a melatonin spray or supplement may be the panacea you've been searching for. (Speak to your GP or a medical practitioner before taking any supplements.)

3. Take A Bath

A bath can work wonders on a tired body and overactive brain. Not only does the warm water immediately relax muscle tension, it can also help trigger sleep. As the sleep process revolves around body temperature, a bath will cause your body temperature to spike and when you get out, it will quickly drop. This decrease sends a signal to the brain to release melatonin and start the sleep process.

4. Sip Tea

It might seem simple, but having a good cup of tea can help you sleep. For centuries, tea has been used around the world as a natural sleep remedy. You’ll want to avoid the caffeinated kind and opt for something herbal. The best option? Chamomile, which is known to reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety and treat insomnia.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium in its many forms works as a natural muscle relaxant and is what countless generations have turned to when sleep problems arise. Available in oil, powder or spray forms you can add magnesium to your bath, a drink or by using it in a body spray. Magnesium is favoured by many because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system; the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed. By incorporating some form of magnesium into your routine, it may help prepare your body and mind for sleep.

Until next time, sweet dreams.

If you are concerned about your sleep, health or wellbeing, your first port of call should be your GP, who will be able to advise a correct treatment plan.

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