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These Are The Artists We’re Following On Instagram In 2019

Words by Jen Nurick

Courtesy of clever algorithms and even cleverer advertising, a scroll through one’s Instagram can become as predictable as it is fun to peruse, making it feel like the world in the palm of our hands is ironically getting smaller. In lieu of deep diving through hashtags from Art Basel to Abstraction yourself, we’ve curated the best artists the art world has to offer to watch in 2019.


Immersed in a culture of sun and surf covering Victoria’s coastline, Australian-based artist Hannah Nowlan’s practice is preoccupied with the country’s natural landscapes. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Nowlan’s canvases feature colourful forms in abstract geometries that occasionally coalesce and at other times sit side by side in a palette of scorched reds, ocean blues and nude pinks.


Only nineteen years young, portraiture artist Camille Olsen-Ormandy is the wonderchild of Dinosaur Designs founders Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen and grandchild of artists John Olsen and Valerie Strong Olsen. Forging her own path, Ormandy strikes a challenging balance between conventional practice and modern technology, sharing her work via Instagram. There, you’ll find a bright feed lined with fashionable male and female subjects sporting the latest sartorial wares from Supreme beanies to Gucci glasses.


Based in Vancouver, abstract painter Sarah Delaney’s practice picks up where the action paintings of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning left off. For Delaney, the canvas is conversational, motivating her highly expressive and emotive style. Unafraid of colour, her works are energetic and moody, leaving a universal impression on any audience of an approach that is simultaneously frenetic and meticulous.


Ever elusive, Vancouver-born Andy Dixon’s Instagram bio reads nothing but a location: Los Angeles. His geography is a helpful anchor though—a clue that is neatly paralleled in his aesthetic: bright, warm, colour-soaked fantasies reflect an always sunny Californian environment. Each work is packed to the brim—the composition is carefully organised, with colour schemes that are as playful as they are painstakingly considered. Not for the faint of heart, a piece by Dixon is a bold conversation starter that deserves to be in fun company—our Rosewater or Drift sets are the first to come to mind.


A designer for Nickelodeon that works out of Manhattan, Ramzy Masri’s artworks can only be described as playfulness par excellence. Masri’s love of photography combines with technicolour in rainbow-splattered renditions of objects and landscapes from cacti to the famous Flat Iron building in New York City.


Consider New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based Sarah Kelk one of our new favourite artists to watch in 2019. Kelk specialises in abstract, loose colour blocking, gravitating towards a palette of pastel blues, baby pinks and mustard yellows. A Kelk original works well in any setting, highlighting colourful accents or singlehandedly injecting light into a room.


In matters of art, one can’t go wrong with minimalism. Enter Frances Costelloe: the London-based artist that channelled her career in fashion and interior know-how to immerse in drawing and ceramics full-time. Female nudes and face drawings adorn Costelloe’s feed—no doubt making perfect bedside accoutrements for the avid art collector in real life. An artwork by Costelloe would pair synchronously with any of our styles, but we’d reach first for the Olive set—together they would make the perfect couple.

For more from Jen Nurick, follow her on Instagram @jennurick and read her work at

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