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This Is Where You Should Travel In 2019 According To Your Star Sign

It’s usually right about now, when summer has started to fade, that dreams of our next holiday creep into our minds.

What’s on your list? Where do you want to travel to next? Where are you planning on visiting in 2019? There's a whole world out there, after all. But as you think of ideas for where to travel to this year, consider consulting your star sign. Your zodiac can be a pretty good guide for planning a holiday, and it might even suggest some destinations you might not have considered yet.


Aries are natural globe-trotters, who love to see the world and everything in it. A trip with an Aries will likely take a dozen different turns. You’ll hop on a train at sunrise with a crew of people you only just met, make a spur of the moment decision to stay at a yoga retreat for a month, try everything you’ve never tasted before at a street food vendor in Vietnam. In 2019, Aries will be looking for an adventure-filled trip that will satisfy their cravings for fun. Look for them trekking through the Canadian Rockys, jumping from boat to boat in the Mediterranean or backpacking across the Australian landscape. Aries signs want to see the world.


For a Taurus, travel is about enjoying the best of the best. It’s about great art and good food and delicious wine and rolling yourself home afterwards. Because of that, you’re going to want to travel to a big city. Paris and New York are two of the best destinations in 2019 for a Taurus, but don’t rule out a smaller foodie mecca, like Cape Town or, closer to home, Tasmania. Bon appetit.


There are two sides to Geminis, which means they should look for holidays that satisfy both parts of their self. Do you love shopping but also crave activity? You’re going to want to head to Los Angeles, where the city is known for both its cinematic retail experiences and its outdoorsy atmosphere. Do you want nightlife but also a place to recline on a beach? You’re going to want to go to Mykonos or Ibiza, which are both the perfect marriage of the two. Looking for somewhere with great restaurants but also culture? Well, there are quite a few cities that can give you that. Think about the things that you love to do, and look for a destination that will fulfil all of them.


Two words: road trip! Cancers are calm and measured, and they like to take their time doing things. Road trips are made for them, whether it’s a slow crawl across the middle of America, stopping in every diner along the way, or meandering slowly from the top of Italy to the bottom? The idea is to take your time and savour the pleasures of the journey, not just the destination.


Sun-seeking, positive-thinking Leos are the kind of holiday pal that everyone wants. A trip with a Leo is one to remember. You’ll never have a bad time on a holiday with a Leo. It helps that they love to go to places where the sun always shines, though. In 2019, Leos are dreaming of Sri Lanka, a country with pristine beaches, mouthwatering curries and tea plantations as far as the eye can see. Head there and hop from beach to beach, seeking the most perfect swimming spot and the best local cuisine.


Practical and organised, Virgos are never knowingly underprepared for whatever trip they might take. Their holidays are planned months in advance. They’ve done all the research, know the best restaurants, know where the flea markets are and the best, under-the-radar places to get a cup of coffee. They’re also on the pulse, which is why they’ll spend 2019 travelling to the destinations that aren’t yet on everyone lists. We’re talking about Helsinki in Finland, which is as cool as Copenhagen and as stylish as Stockholm, but without the crowds. Or the Faroe Islands, which are like Iceland before all the tourists got there. Bring on Scandinavia in 2019!


Librans are all about balance. There is a calm and serene confidence to everything they do. Which is why they often choose spiritual places for their holidays. It’s a chance for them to reconnect with themselves, and the world. For that reason, Bali is always popular, as are India and Cambodia. But in 2019, Librans will be traveling to Japan. There, they will get to experience one of the oldest civilisations in the world and the peacefulness of the Ancient Japanese temples, as well as a restorative week at an onsen. Librans are lavish people, after all.


For Scorpios, travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Scorpios aren’t likely to spend their hard-earned holidays heading to the popular hotspots. Instead, they want to get off the beaten track and experience something new. Journey through Morocco, maybe, or ride horses through the countryside of Mongolia. Even something as simple as a solo holiday to a destination that’s always been on your list, even if it’s a big city. The point is to push your travel boundaries in 2019. Because it’s there that, through travel, you’ll truly grow.


As the adventurers of the zodiac, Sagittarians have plans to see the world — yes, all of it — in 2019. As natural travellers, Sagittarians feel the itch to wander the world endlessly. This year, that might mean finally doing that big trip that you’ve always wanted to, like seeing every country on a particular continent — Africa, Europe, pick a continent, any continent. Or maybe it’s doing that bucket list experience, like walking the Great Wall, visiting Antarctica or seeing the Northern Lights. One thing's for sure — the archers always have a trip planned somewhere.


You work so hard, all you Capricorns, and you deserve to have a break. But sometimes, Capricorns have been guilty of not using their holiday time well, by tacking on some work to a personal trip or cutting holidays short in order to head home early. Not in 2019, though. This year, give yourself the gift of indulgence and pick a sun-drenched luxury destination where you can truly detox. We’re talking the Maldives, the Caribbean, Palm Springs, Hawaii... or even sun-drenched Croatia or Greece. Choose a beachy destination where the cocktails come free-flowing and switch off your devices.


Travel is a chance to learn about the world and to understand the history that has come before us. That’s certainly what’s important to an Aquarius, with their inquisitive minds and keen intelligence. This year, you’ll be heading straight to Peru for the chance to hike up Machu Pichhu and stand in the Ancient citadel of the Incan people.


Pisces have always been big dreamers, and travel is as good a time as any to dream big. Take the opportunity to really revel in those dreams on a long, meandering train journey. Take a luxury steamer through South East Asia, criss-crossing Thailand and Cambodia, or the original Orient Express, which takes you from London to Istanbul. If it’s out of your budget, never fear. There are plenty of expansive train journeys to be had on a smaller budget, including the train that moves through China into Russia, or the ones that takes you into Canada from the US. Book yourself a ticket, stare out the window, and dream of what 2019 will bring for you.
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