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These Are the 11 Decor Items You Should Be Buying Vintage

Some of our favourite rooms and interior spaces feature a curated selection of new and vintage items and in our opinion, it makes for a much more interesting and charming feeling. Vintage stores are like a lucky dip—you never really know what you're going to find. If you're in luck, you can walk away with a designer armchair for practically nothing or a mid-century lamp that has conveniently just circled back into the realm of designer trends.

Sure, you could fit out your entire place with vintage pieces, especially with the rise of Instagram and online boutiques that do the hard work for you to bring weekly collections of beautiful wares to covet. However, back to our original point; the best interiors are those that utilise both modern and vintage finds. For what you should be buying vintage, refer to the list below.

1. Rugs

Rugs are overlooked a lot in Australia. Maybe it's our temperate climate or our minimalist-leaning style, but anyone who's added one to their living room or bedroom will surely tell you how easily it transformed the space. Vintage rugs, in particular, carry with them stories and details of previous owners, countries and uses and are a simple yet effective way to add texture, colour and pattern into a room.

2. Lamps

Lamps are trending and we couldn't be happier about it. Not only does lamp light reduce energy bills, but it helps to create a certain ambience that can't be replicated with modern downlights. Also, they do double duty as stunning decorator pieces that will bring to life a buffet or side table instantly. Details to look out for: pleated shades and ceramic bases.

3. Dining chairs

A set of dining chairs can be seriously expensive. I know a lot of people who have even struggled to find any they particularly love enough to invest in because of a lack of diversity when it comes to modern design. If you're in the right place at the right time, it's possible to pick up an entire set of chairs that will last you years to come due to their sturdy construction.

4. Glassware

From vases to coloured drinking glasses, vintage stores are replete with sets of glassware and unique glass pieces. One of our favourite things to do is to peruse the shelves of a thrift store on the weekend, wondering what uses the pieces had in their past lives. Plus, they're usually dirt cheap.

5. Ceramics

Handmade ceramics are one of the best ways to fill your room with pieces that are visually interesting and that come with an ingrained story. Whether you use them to hold flowers or even as a dish for your keys, ceramic pieces should be high on your vintage wishlist.

6. Paintings

The number one spot to look for original paintings is a vintage store. You'll find portraits and still life artworks that sit proudly waiting for their new owner to snap them up. Oil paintings can give a room an eclecticism and quirk that you just can't replicate with brand new.

7. Coffee tables

Some of the best coffee tables we've come across recently have been snapped up in second-hand stores or from vintage sellers online. Travertine and stone are particularly popular right now, but there are always interesting options to choose from when you're out op-shopping.

8. Mirrors

Are you trying to replicate the aesthetic of a French apartment? A vintage mirror will do the trick. A regular rectangle just won't cut it when you've got an eye for details, and the ornate mirrors that are often found in these shops are a perfect fit.

9. Sculptures

Figures, heads and busts are all decorator items that are popping up everywhere right now. If that's your style, then I'd suggest a wander down to your local thrift store to see if there are any sculptural pieces that you can add into your scheme.

10. Books/magazines

Maybe you've got a full-height bookshelf to fill or are just an avid reader, but some of the most fascinating vintage finds come in paper form. It's a lot of fun to flick through old magazines to see what was happening and who was important back then, and the look of a stack of old books can give a distinguished and worldly look to your space.

11. Anything designer

If you spot a Wegner or an Eames, you should probably buy it. Original designer furniture is in hot demand for good reason. These pieces were built to last and their designs have stood the test of time (and trends) to remain relevant all these years later.

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