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7 Ways To Up Your Daily Vitamin D Intake Now

Healthy levels of vitamin D in the body are important for a variety of reasons, including building and maintaining strong bones, teeth and muscles and helping to keep our overall health in check. There's a range of ways to make sure you're receiving enough of the essential vitamin, from exercising in the sun to including vitamin-rich foods in your diet. Read on to discover seven of the best ways to boost your daily vitamin D intake now.

Get some sunshine

The most effective and easiest way to up your vitamin D intake is to get outside and under the sun for even a few minutes per day. An activity as simple as a lunchtime walk around the block each day or sitting in a sunny spot to enjoy your morning coffee can be enough to ensure your levels are tip-top. Always remember to be sun smart by applying sun cream and wearing protective clothing to prevent sunburn.

Increase dairy intake

Vitamin D and calcium are two nutrients that work together to make sure that your bones are healthy and strong throughout our lives. By boosting your daily intake of calcium, you're inevitably strengthening this important partnership that's going on inside your body. Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt are known to have high levels of calcium and can be easily introduced into your cooking or added to your morning coffee or smoothie.

Choose seafood

Some of the richest natural sources of vitamin D are fatty fish and seafood. This will be music to the ears of anyone who enjoys spending their Saturdays at the fish market, and the health benefits don't stop there. As well as helping you to get enough vitamin D in your diet, seafood can help to keep your heart healthy and prevent inflammation as well.

Don't forget about eggs

Another way to adjust your diet to boost your vitamin levels is to include eggs in your meals regularly. Free-range eggs are a fantastic (and tasty) source of vitamin D to keep you functioning at your optimal level. Whether it's a morning omelette or a freshly baked treat, eggs can be incorporated into your diet in a wide variety of ways to up your levels.

Drink orange juice

It's not only a delicious and thirst-quenching drink, but orange juice is also actually a great way to easily up your daily vitamins, including D. Many orange juice varieties are fortified with vitamin D to help you reach your recommended levels, so if you're not a fan of dairy, consider a glass of OJ in the morning instead.

Exercise daily

For people who participate in regular exercise for at least few hours a week, research has shown that not only are they lowering their risk of developing heart disease but their vitamin D levels are higher than those who don't exercise regularly. Researchers believe that by playing sport or exercising outside you're inadvertently being exposed to vitamin-boosting sunlight too.

Take a supplement

Vitamin supplements are readily available at almost all supermarkets and pharmacies around the country, but you should always speak to your GP before taking them. It's important to find out whether you're actually lacking in vitamin D levels to avoid increasing your levels above what is recommended. Your doctor will be able to advise the best plan going forward and whether supplements should form part of your diet.

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