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This Is What the Breakouts on Your Face Are Trying to Tell You

No one loathes a breakout more than us, but did you know that your pesky pimples can actually help to point out areas of your body and overall health that might need your attention? It's true—the art of face mapping has been used for centuries to diagnose underlying health issues while treating the face like a roadmap of sorts. Whether you're prone to a bout of bumps around your chin or still can't seem to shake that dreaded forehead acne, read on to find out what your breakouts are trying to tell you about your health.

Breakouts around cheeks

People who tend to get breakouts on their cheeks should be wary of their lungs, with morning breathing and aerobic exercises a great way to strengthen them. Another reason that cheeks can be prone to acne is due to friction from your pillow, mobile phone or wearing a helmet, for example.

Breakouts around forehead

According to ancient Chinese medicine, breakouts above your eyebrows and on your forehead are said to translate to issues with your stomach and bladder. If your gut has been feeling a bit unhappy lately, you could try to reduce the amount of processed foods and fats in your diet as well as boost your daily water intake. This could also be an indicator of food intolerance and stress, so pay close attention.

Breakouts around nose

Common for many of us, breakouts on and around your nose are closely related to the heart. Heart-related blockages can be shown through redness and blackheads, while cholesterol issues may manifest in the way of oily skin. A good tip is to up your vitamin B intake as well as swapping spicy and salty foods for fruits, veggies and nuts.

Breakouts around chin

If you're constantly breaking out around your chin, it's time to look at your hormone levels. Stress can play a huge role in throwing these levels off, so try to focus on things that bring you joy and start sipping on relaxing peppermint tea to help you wind down.

Breakouts around mouth

Breakouts around your mouth area are linked to your stomach and digestive organs, so once again your diet may be something to consider as a way to combat these skin issues. Adding more fibre, fruits and vegetables into your meals should assist in clearing things up.

If you are concerned about your health, wellbeing or sleep, your first port of call should be your GP, who will advise a correct treatment plan.

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