Everyone on Instagram Is Obsessed With Nude Ceramics

We love ceramics here at Bed Threads, so much so that we even have a curated ceramics range you’ll fall in love with. While many will opt for a beautiful minimalist vase as a timeless investment, one trend that seems to be gaining popularity by the day is nude ceramics.

After Instagram banned the female nipple in 2015, boobs were everywhere. Remember when they were on everything? Cushions, tea towels, rugs, bath mats — everything. Now we’re seeing a new interpretation of the female form that goes a step further from a rebellion-lite squiggle to beautiful and artfully made nude ceramics that encompass body positivity, return the body to the female gaze, celebrate self-love and are decidedly sensual rather than sexual.

The beauty of handmade ceramics is that no two are the same. Just like the women they represent; bumps and curves are embraced, all skin tones are considered, so there’s something for every single body.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best artists creating the best nude ceramics you need to follow on Instagram.

9 Artists Creating Nude Ceramics to Follow (and Shop) on Instagram

1. Anissa Kermiche

Undoubtedly favourites of fashion and interiors influencers, Anissa Kermiche’s Jug Jugs and Love Handle vases went from having a quiet ‘if-you-know-you-know’ cult following to becoming immediately recognisable and widely popular without losing their sophisticated cool.

The London-based, French-Algerian creative grew up in Paris in a family full of women, who she has credited with inspiring her love of the female form that permeates all of her work.

2. Rachel Saunders

Rachel Saunders’ Woman Vase is another that has proliferated the Instagram feeds of interiors obsessives. The Canadian artist, who quit her job as a visual merchandiser in LA to move home to Vancouver Island and focus on ceramics full-time, told Coveteur that her nude vase was a reaction to Donald Trump’s election. His presidency left her feeling “powerless”, she said, but “I didn’t intend for [the piece] to be any kind of political statement. I just loved the functional aspect of it.”

Saunders uses clay from her local area and either hand-builds or wheel-throws her creations using methods she taught herself. You can find them on Bed Threads here.

3. Emma Low aka Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

When Emma Low made her first custom “tit pot” as a gift for her then-boyfriend, she admitted it was for the male gaze. But when they broke up, she snatched it back, flipped the concept and started her ceramic business Pot Yer Tits Away Love as a way to empower women.

The Scottish-born, England-based artist uses air-drying clay and acrylic paint to create customised ceramics based on the photos people send her (which are swiftly deleted once she’s finished with them). Freckles, stretch marks, asymmetries, cellulite and mastectomies are shown in all their glory to champion self-love, intimacy and confidence.

Low regularly has to close custom orders due to the overwhelming number of people who want to get their hands on their own boobs. In other words, if you see her announce a new batch or an open calendar... move quickly.

4. Hanna Englund

Swedish-born, Brazil-based Hanna Englund makes vessels that combine the minimalism of her Scandinavian heritage with the tropical influences of her home in Rio de Janeiro.

You can start every morning sipping an espresso from the delightfully named Mini Bumbum cup and end every long day by lighting an exceptionally cute Mini Nude candle. Englund also hand-builds taller torso vases and pots that look best either with minimal floral arranging (think one or two billy button flowers or a sprig of cider gum), on their own or clustered with other objet d'art.

5. Liv & Dom

Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland are identical twins who live and work in East Sussex in England. Their repertoire of female nudes spans jewellery, incense holders, trinket dishes, candle holders, coasters and even nude wine bottle stoppers.

The sisters take inspiration from ancient mythology for their pieces, which are all hand-sculpted, glazed, finished and packaged by just the two of them. The pair are in hot demand and have collaborated on pieces for Netflix’s Sex Education, and have created designs for clothing and jewellery labels. They’ve also had their work featured on beer cans and hotel deck chairs. There’s nothing these two can’t and won’t put a naked lady on - in the most delicate and chic way, of course.

6. Siren

Holly and Hannah are Australian London-based besties who create female figure candles “with lumps, bumps and everything in between so that every person can feel included”. They decided on a creative outlet dedicated to nude candles because it took them a long time to accept their own bodies and wanted to create inclusive pieces that people could see themselves in.

As an added bonus, their products are vegan and plastic-free, and each one is hand-poured. Holly and Hannah are passionate about hand-making everything so that they can control the production process and ensure everything is made as ethically and sustainably as possible.

7. Andrea Kollar

This is probably one of the most wholesome nude Instagrams out there. Austrian ceramicist Andrea Kollar gives her followers behind-the-scenes photos of her pots being made, along with little stories about each pot - all of which are named.

Her designs are minimal and sensual, gentle and peaceful, and she considers it her mission to make all women “feel beautiful, strong, vulnerable, sensitive, safe and above all seen”.

8. Caroline Walls

Many female nude sculptures, even while embracing all body types, are admittedly pretty similar. Caroline Walls takes a more abstract, high-art approach to her sculptures. The New Zealand-born Australian-based multidisciplinary artist made a name for herself a few years ago with her nude line drawings, and sees these figures as a natural extension of her practice.

She says her inspiration comes from “the movement and fluidity of the female form, moments of intimacy, contemporary perceptions of women’s sexuality in the current cultural sphere as well as notions of gender, fertility and motherhood”. There are no vases or mugs here; just meditations on “various states of love, longing and identity”.

9. Jones & Co

If you’re looking for a dose of positivity in both your Instagram feed and nude ceramics, you probably want to check out Jones & Co. The founder Jennifer Jones grew up in the Phillipines where she would closely watch her creative parents hand make most of her home’s decor items and furniture. It was her parents who inspired her with both the business and creative skills to run one of Australia’s most loved and versatile online ceramic shops.

Jones & Co.’s nude collection includes a range of bodies in a range of pastel colours. They’re minimal and incredibly playful so you can’t help but smile every time you look at them. Really, it’s the dose of happiness we all need right now.

Want more? These are 10 exciting Australian ceramicists whose pieces you can shop for less than $300.

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