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Everything You Need To Know About TikTok's Viral 'Sunset Lamp' Trend

Picture this: You’re relaxing on a beach soaking up the last rays of the sun before it sets. You close your eyes and feel the sun’s warmth setting on your face. Time stands still and there’s not a care in the world. It’s the perfect golden hour. Sounds divine, right?

Well, now you don’t have to wait until you’re lying on a beach somewhere in Hawaii to replicate this exact feeling. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house. All you need is the latest TikTok interior trend: sunset lamps.


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What is a sunset projection lamp?

TikTokers have become obsessed with sunset projection lamps – a trend that has over 27 million hashtags on the social media platform at the time of writing. Even some of our favourite influencers such as Rowi Singh and Flex Mami have jumped on the trend on Instagram.

Essentially, the lamps are a specialised light that projects a warm, calming glow across any room, mimicking a sunset. They can be projected on walls (a saving grace for those bare walls), the ceiling or basically anywhere else you want it. It can instantly elevate any space into a calming oasis where everything is drenched in the soft golden sun.

The hue the light emits varies depending on the brand and type of light you purchase; some give off a stronger red hue, others are more subtle and yellow, and some even have a rainbow function.


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What are the benefits of sunset lamps?

Aside from transforming any dreary room into the most dreamy space, there are actually health benefits associated with this trendy light. For starters, light therapy has often been used to treat sleeplessness, and some forms of stress and anxiety.

Moreover, various studies have proven yellow, orange and red hues to be the most effective in stimulating melatonin production (the sleep hormone), as opposed to blue light (hello, electronic devices) which reduces this hormone’s level. So, sunset lamps will serve as an investment if you struggle to fall and stay asleep.


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Where to buy sunset lamps

Want to bask in the sun any day at any time, all without leaving your home? There are various options available online within a wide price range. But to help save you time, we’ve done the research and have rounded up three of our favourite sunset lamps you can get your hands on.

1. Sunset Lamp, $20.99

This is the exact light you would've seen all over social media. It can be rotated 180 degrees (most only rotate 90 degrees), so it gives you more scope to play around with the size and shape of the light projected.

2. Sunset Projection Lamp, $55

This one gives off a stronger red hue. If you want something more golden, it also comes in an orange or yellow variety.

3. 'Halo One' Sunset Red Floor Lamp/ Colour Projector by Mandalaki Studio, $1560.20

Given the price tag, it's obviously a good pick if you're truly obsessed with the trend and want nothing but the best quality sunset. It's also relatively big, so it's perfect if you want it to stand loud and proud in your room.

4. Sunset Red Floor Light, $24.90

This is perfect for those living in small places. Just pop it on the floor, on a bedside table or hidden in the corner of a room.

5. Iridescent Flat Pack lamp, $330

This one is an untraditional and more artsy sunset lamp, but it still creates that same golden glow. It comes in two colourways - yellow and violet or blue and violet.

Want more trends like this? Here are the 10 biggest interior trends dominating TIkTok in 2021.

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