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Everything We Know About 'The White Lotus' Season 2

The first season of The White Lotus was one of those unique shows that no one was expecting, but almost everyone was pleasantly surprised by and wanted to talk about. We got seriously obsessed with this HBO miniseries and its cast of colourful characters, all checking into a luxury Hawaiian resort and going on their own personal journey, leading up to a truly shocking finale. We couldn’t get enough of it, and were so excited to learn that a second season was confirmed.

But what do we know about The White Lotus season two? Who will star in it and what will it be about? Read on to find out everything we know so far about our new favourite show.

The White Lotus Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

What is The White Lotus season two about? 

The second season of The White Lotus will follow a – largely – new cast of characters checking into a new luxury resort, creator Mike White has confirmed. It won’t be set in Hawaii at The White Lotus hotel that we see in the first season, but it will be set in a different hotel that is part of the fictional global ‘White Lotus’ chain. 

Details of the plot are still being kept under wraps, but we know some of the back stories of the guests, including three generations of men who check in as a family – an elderly grandfather, father and college graduate son – a woman joining her husband and his friends on a holiday, an Englishman who brings his nephew along on a European trip and a woman who is accompanying her boss to the hotel. Drama will undoubtedly ensue. 

Where will The White Lotus season two be set? 

Filming is scheduled to begin shortly in the Sicilian town of Taormina, largely at the Four Seasons San Domenica Palace hotel, as per reporting in Variety. Research has shown that the hotel will not be open to visitors or guests until April 1, which is ample time to film a second season of The White Lotus, if you ask us. Fun fact: the first season of The White Lotus was also filmed at a Four Seasons hotel in Maui, Hawaii. 

Following up a season in Hawaii with a season in Sicily is genius. A European summer setting – albeit one that was filmed in winter, sorry to the actors and crew who might have hoped for a sunny vacation – couldn’t be more perfect for another twisted storyline looking into the lifestyles of the rich and famous guests checking into an Italian resort town White Lotus. Sign us up!   

Will any of the original cast members of The White Lotus be returning for season two? 

Yes, one of them is: the great Jennifer Coolidge, whose character Tanya Mcquoid was the runaway fan favourite of the first season as a wealthy woman in Hawaii to scatter the ashes of her possibly abusive mother. Tanya will also be taking a trip to The White Lotus Sicily, and we cannot wait to see what could be bringing her to the Italian coast for a holiday and what she will get up to there. 

Who will star in The White Lotus season two? 

Joining Coolidge in season two is Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), F. Murray Abraham (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Tom Hollander (Pride & Prejudice), Adam DiMarco (The Good Doctor) and Haley Lu Richardson (Support The Girls). Imperioli, Abraham and DiMarco will star as the family taking a trip together, Hollander will play the English expat abroad, Plaza will be the woman joining her husband’s friends on a vacation, and Richardson will play the young woman on holiday with her boss. 

“I was a fan of season one, but more importantly, I was a big Mike White fan,” Aubrey Plaza has said. “So I’m very excited to work with him… I’m very honoured to be on this television series and I hope I don’t let everybody down. It seems like everyone watched this show.” 

How popular was season one of The White Lotus?

Very popular. The season finale drew in an incredible 1.9 million viewers in the US alone, and was nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards, including Best Actress for Coolidge and Best Actor for Australian star Murray Bartlett, who played The White Lotus’ frenzied manager Armond. 

Will there be more seasons of The White Lotus? 

Undoubtedly. HBO has revealed that they have plans to turn The White Lotus into an anthology style series, with new seasons taking place at different locations and franchises of the hotel around the globe. 

When will season two of The White Lotus air? 

As production is only just commencing now, you can expect The White Lotus to air in either late 2022 or early 2023. No confirmation has been made by HBO about an airdate yet, and we’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

Where can I watch The White Lotus in the UK? 

You can watch The White Lotus on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t yet seen the first season you’re in for a treat. Buckle up and enjoy the wild, six episode ride! 

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