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Why Sleeping Well Should Be Your Only Resolution For 2020

Words by Jen Nurick

The first days of January can feel like a heady cocktail of sun, sand and a series of emotional introspections as we attempt to settle into the year, forecast trends and set goals for the upcoming 365 days.

Attempts to make New Year resolutions can feel exhaustive and futile—exercise more, complain less—we could identify the usual suspects with our eyes closed. But what if there was a resolution of all resolutions that made good on its returns across every sector of our lives—boosting productivity at work, enhancing social interactions, improving overall state of wellbeing?

Enter sleep: the underrated and oft ignored multihyphenate with a grocery list of proven benefits that range the entire gamut. Should you make one resolution for the coming year—let this be it: pencil in an optimal 6-8 hours of shut eye a night and maximise these by sleeping in pure, 100% French Flax Linen, of course. Still unconvinced? Follow along as we unpack eight rewards you can reap from sleeping well in 2020.

Sleep strengthens memory

Believe it or not, adequate sleep can aid individuals to improve memory. In a process called consolidation that takes place throughout the night, your brain works double time to practice and learn memory skills while you sleep.

Sleep promotes healthy eating

Fun fact: sleep and metabolism are intrinsically linked to one another—they are driven by the same parts of your brain. What this means is that when you’re sleepy, certain hormones—the kind that induce your appetite, to be exact—become more active, generating a greater inclination to eat as a result of exhaustion.

Sleep reduces inflammation

Studies have illuminated that individuals that clock in less than 6-8 hours of sleep per night are prone to increased inflammation. Sleep helps to restore, combat and curb inflammation of the body—which is directly related to heart disease, diabetes and premature ageing. Not just the stuff of folklore, beauty sleep is really a thing—without which we can exacerbate and aggravate dormant issues in the body.

Sleep helps you live longer

Many consider it myth, but research has shown that individuals that consistently sleep an optimal 6-8 hours a night outlive those that don’t clock in as many hours.

Sleep improves concentration and productivity

Ever notice a lack of alertness when driving tired? Sleep deprivation impairs cognition, exacerbates concentration, shortens attention span and slows our reflexes, making it a key cause of road and other accidents. In the same breath, by consistently clocking in 6-8 hours of zzz’s, you can enhance productivity and maximise wakefulness to achieve more in the day, and prevent or respond better in dangerous situations.

Sleep fortifies your immune system

As we sleep, our bodies produce certain protein molecules that aid us in the fight against the common cold and infection—making us ill-equipped to ward off sickness if we elude sleep for too long. Implement a better sleep routine and make enough time to rest properly in order to maximise overall health.

Sleep improves mood

Countless studies have illustrated links between sleeplessness and depression and anxiety, showing that improved sleep patterns can help to alleviate symptoms of mental ill-health. According to Healthline, 90% of depression suffers report poor sleep quality, which should be incentive enough to prioritise our sleep and clock in as many hours as possible each night.

Sleep improves life quality

The maths is simple: sleeping well reaps multiple benefits—we can interact better in social settings; we are more productive at work and while exercising; and we generally perform better across the board, in both personal and professional settings.

A good night’s sleep should allow us to experience at least 4-5 sleep cycles—consisting of deep sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) during which we dream. We should aim for at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night, clocking these in 100% pure French flax linen exclusively.

It may seem silly to prioritise sleeping well in the New Year, but wait it out—you’ll thank us later. You’ll want to keep up this resolution long after the clock strikes midnight on 2020.

If you are concerned about your health, wellbeing or sleep, your first port of call should be your GP, who will advise a correct treatment plan.

For more from Jen Nurick, follow her on Instagram @jennurick and read her work at

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