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This Is Your Workout Style, According to Your Star Sign

Pilates, yoga, cycling—these are all popular workouts right now, but let's let your personality determine how you should be getting your sweat on the next time you throw on your activewear. Last week we told you the Netflix show you should binge next, based on your star sign, and today it's time to get our minds and bodies synced up with a restorative workout. So, grab your exercise mat and download one of these amazing workout apps to help guide you through your workout.

Aries: Cycling

You're competitive in every aspect of your life, so you're going to need a workout that you can really build up a sweat with. If you've got a spin bike at home, you'll enjoy racing against your virtual coach, or you could treat the bike track at the park like an Olympic velodrome. Either way, you're going to feel great after a session on the bike.

Taurus: Weights

We know that you're strong—that part's obvious. But, as someone who constantly craves new senses, we're going to challenge you to focus your attention on a repetitive workout that will train your mind. While the weightlifting part is most difficult for other signs, your strength makes it look easy. You'll have to instead focus on not becoming bored after your third set of squats.

Gemini: Yoga

Sometimes known for erratic mood swings, Geminis will find peace in the soothing art of yoga. It's the best way to elevate all that pent up energy you've been holding onto all day. The best part is that you can do it anywhere you like.

Cancer: Swimming

You're in your element when surrounded by water, and you're innately in tune with the tides of the planet. For that reason, it makes sense that you should get your daily exercise in via the water—whether it's in the backyard pool or at the local rockpool where you can taste the salt water.

Leo: Dance

A Leo is no stranger to the spotlight—in fact they thrive on having all eyes on them. To get your heart rate up and express your creative side at the same time, break out some freestyle moves or follow a dance routine. It won't seem like exercise at all once you get lost in the moves.

Virgo: Pilates

You're naturally systematic and love improving on your skills each time you practice a task. This makes Pilates a perfect option for a perfectionist like you, because it'll keep you busy trying to nail each move so you'll never get bored and you'll leave each workout feeling accomplished.

Libra: Barre

Librans are experts at balance—they tread the line carefully so that everything in their life receives the attention and love it deserves. When it comes to exercise, the trending world of Barre will appeal to you because of its hybrid approach across dance, yoga and strength training.

Scorpio: Boxing

This shouldn't come as a surprise to any Scorpios out there. With a reputation for self-confidence and intensity, taking your energy out on a punching bag makes perfect sense to you. It'll help to clear any stress and tension that's built up as well.

Sagittarius: Hiking

You're a freedom-seeker and can't be tamed by rules and limits.You prefer to get your cardio in while taking in all of nature's beautiful sights, so throw on your hiking shoes and grab a water bottle—it's time to get moving in the great outdoors.

Capricorn: Running

Capricorns never stop thinking about their goals and dreams, so their workouts need to allow them time and space to brainstorm without restrictions. Running is the obvious choice for you to work up a sweat while listening to an inspirational business podcast simultaneously.

Aquarius: Gymnastics

A free-spirit by nature, your exercise routine was never going to be standard. You stand out without even trying, and gymnastics will give you a chance to tone your body in a typically-quirky Aquarius way.

Pisces: Surfing

You need to be out on the water to really gain a connection to this big, crazy world we're living in. Your spirit animal is a fish, so you could happily spend hours between the waves without even realising it. To get in some exercise while clearing your head at sea, surfing is the ultimate full-body workout.

Check out our 9 favourite workout apps to make exercising at home a breeze.

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