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It’s True: Introverts Should Decorate Their Homes Differently to Extroverts

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Perhaps a bit of both? Chances are you naturally lean towards one of the personality groups which shapes your entire way of thinking and living, from the type of holidays you take to how you like to spend your days off. While there are two polar opposites on the spectrum when it comes to personality traits, most of us while fall somewhere in between. For introverts, their intuition and thoughtfulness can lead to a ‘shy’ label. For extroverts, they can find themselves gaining energy from social interactions and are not as keen to be home alone for long periods of time. For that reason, it makes sense that we should be designing and decorating our homes to suit our natural way of living and the lifestyle that makes us feel happy.


For introverted people, the home is a sanctuary. They see coming home each day as a way of gaining back some of the life that’s been drained from crowds, meetings and an overstimulating society. By refuelling at home, an introvert will be able to face the next day with clarity and energy by spending some time alone in a calm environment. Here’s what an introvert should consider when decorating their home.

  • Soft linen sheets

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the benefits of sleeping in beautiful linen sheets every night. They’re perfect for all types of sleepers and feel buttery-soft on your skin. For that reason, linen sheets should be high on an introvert’s decorating list. Your bed will instantly become a comfy oasis to escape any chaos outside.

  • Cool colours

Naturally soothing and pleasant, colours in the blue, green and grey spectrum are definitely suited to an introvert’s demeanour and desire for peace at home. Go with your gut when it comes to colour—whatever makes you feel good inside as soon as you see it is a sign you’re on the right track.

  • Warm materials

Warm timbers, natural stones and plush rugs are an introvert’s best friend. Having a tactile connection to your furniture and décor items will help to form a strong connection with your home, which will make coming home even more enjoyable each day.

  • Lamps

Harsh ceiling lights aren’t so effective in creating a peaceful oasis. In fact, they scream commercial office building. To craft yourself a home that feels warm, inviting and cosy, turn to floor and table lamps for your source of lighting. You’ll be left with an ambient space that makes for the perfect place to read a book or cook dinner.


Extroverts are happiest when they’re socialising, trading stories, and generally stimulated by their environment. At home, a different approach to introverts will mean that extroverts are excited by their interior spaces and don’t lose focus. If an extrovert spends too much time alone in an environment that isn’t exciting to them, they might end up feeling isolated and drained. For all the extroverts out there, this is how to decorate your home to suit your personality.

  • Dynamic colours

Unlike introverts, extroverts always in search of a peaceful sanctuary. For those who find who lean towards bright, powerful colours, your apartment should reflect that as well. Reds, blacks and gold tones are all fitting to keep an extrovert on their toes at home.

  • A dining table

If you love to open your home up to friends and family to keep you company and fill your place with laughter and conversation, you’ll want to invest in a dining table to host everyone at. While introverts might prioritise a reading chair, a long dining table is much more suited to your lifestyle.

  • A gallery wall

A gallery wall is a fantastic way to create interest in your home, but introverts might find the idea a bit visually overwhelming. Not extroverts though—they’ll find joy in seeking out new details that catch their eye and challenge them to see things differently.

  • Personal objects

As an extrovert, you’re not afraid of oversharing. You love telling stories and hearing others experiences of the world. Don’t hide all of your travel photos and personal mementos away in boxes—embrace your personality and scatter your favourite pieces throughout the home.

For more decorating advice, these are the 11 decorating hacks to make your studio apartment feel like a mansion.

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