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From lavender pillow spray to books of the month, this is what the Bed Threads team keeps by their bedside.

| By Antonia Day | Interiors

The Bed Threads Team Share Their Bedside Table Must-Haves

From lavender pillow spray to books of the month, this is what the Bed Threads team keeps by their bedside.

While many of us fall guilty to harbouring cups, unread books, and the occasional chocolate wrapper on our bedside tables, these small but mighty pieces of furniture serve a much greater purpose in our sleep routines.

What we choose to keep on our bedside table can affect our moods, how we sleep, and how we approach our entire day. At Bed Threads, we call bedrooms sleep sanctuaries for a reason, they’re dedicated spaces in our homes with the sole intention of resting, so treating your bedside table with that same sentiment is paramount to getting a good night’s sleep.

We turned to the gurus of sleep themselves – members of the Bed Threads team – to find out what they keep on the last thing they see when they fall asleep and the first thing they see when they wake up, their bedside tables.

Rachael Thompson, Editor

I like my bedside table to be clutter-free. I personally find it a bit unnerving to roll over in the morning and see lots of things piled up as it makes my room look unorganised. My favourite item I own is my Akari A1 lamp which sits on top of the timber table – it omits the most pleasant glow that makes my evenings feel more soothing. I will also typically have whatever book I’m reading that week and my essential oil diffuser on this table as well.

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Shoshana Bodini, Social Media Specialist

I constantly go back and forth between all-neutral minimalist and sharp pops of colour with lots of texture. I feel like my bedside table describes this pretty perfectly. With a mix of neutral ceramics and a post-modern lamp coupled with burl wood and rich pops of colour from a range of books I never get to, my bedside is a reflection of me. I’m a big scent person. You’ll always find pillow spray or essential oils next to my bed. Another staple next to my bed is my collection of rings. My mum instilled a love of gold rings and lots of jewellery so I think this was probably a bedside essential I picked up from her.

Bella Clinton, Video Producer

I like to keep my bedside table nice and minimal – just like the rest of my bedroom. I'm always swapping out candles, vases, and books to change up the space, while still keeping the area clean and tidy. I love being able to rearrange this corner of my room and make it completely my own!

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Nikita Ganatra, CRM Specialist

A diffuser is an essential on my bedside table to fight any seasonal allergies! I like to add some eucalyptus oil in my diffuser for a good night's sleep.

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Meg Hutchinson Harris, Global PR & Partnerships Manager

My bedroom is my place of calm so my bedside table just has a few essential items that are part of my nighttime routine: My Paola & Joy lamp, a book for bedtime reading, a scented candle and a lavender pillow spray.

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