The Casa Zuma founder shares how she eases into her evening hours.

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How Editor-in-Chief Camille Styles Winds Down After a Long Day of Work

The Casa Zuma founder shares how she eases into her evening hours.

Developing an evening routine doesn’t just start in the bedroom, implementing mindful rituals and practices from the moment you get home will improve the quality of your rest and rejuvenation before the following day. For Camille Styles, winding down begins at the end of her working day, all the way up to when she gets into bed.

After successfully launching her slow living homewares brand Casa Zuma, Camille had to take on the responsibility of both her online publication as well her budding business, which led to longer days, busier schedules, and in some cases, sleepless nights. With this change of pace, Camille found it vital to make her home a safe haven where rest and relaxation is paramount, and separated from her busy work schedule.

Due to the nature of her business, Camille is constantly surrounded by beautiful objects and homewares pieces; however, Camille makes sure to keep her space as clutter-free as possible, “for me, a clean space equals a peaceful mind” she shared with Bed Threads Journal.

For Camille, the act of winding down starts around dinner time, a ritual carved out for her and her loved ones to slowly ease into the relaxing evening they have ahead.

We spoke to Camille about her typical nighttime routine and how she approaches those mornings where it seems almost impossible to get out of bed.

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