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How To Set Up A Home Office You’ll Actually Want To Work From

Whether you've got a dedicated office at home or don't mind multitasking at the dining table, thanks to high-speed internet, laptops, virtual chats and video conferencing working from home has never been easier. Without beginning your day in the stress of peak-hour gridlock surrounded by thousands of other sleep-deprived office-goers, you're already in a great position. Throw in comfortable clothing and a walk in the park for lunch and you've got yourself the ideal working scenario. The tricky part is setting up a dedicated workspace that allows you to complete your work without distraction (and injury). We're here to show you how to set up a home office you'll actually want to work from.

The sunniest spot

The area for your home office might be clear if you have a dedicated spare room or extra living zone, but if you have to get a bit more creative, consider the best spot in the house. Ideally, your home office set up should be near a window or source of sunlight, so start by assessing a part of your apartment that you'll enjoy looking at for eight hours a day.

Add privacy

If you're living with a partner or housemate who is also working from home, consider implementing some sort of privacy so that you don't feel distracted throughout the day. A simple privacy screen, curtain or tall houseplant could suffice and will allow you to feel like you're in your very own office again.

Quality furniture

You spend a considerable amount of your life working, so investing in quality furniture to see you through is vital to avoid aches and pains and to keep you feeling motivated. Working from bed sounds great in theory, but after thirty minutes you'll realise why a sturdy desk and ergonomic office chair are the way to go.

Comfort is key

While you want your home office to feel professional to keep you on track, the best part is that you have complete control over the feeling and aesthetic. If you love art, then hang a gallery wall above your desk to inspire you. Gather your favourite picture frames and keep them nearby—whatever keeps you happy and comfortable while at work.

A fresh scent

The power of a scent is often overlooked, especially in the office. A good way to differentiate work from home life is to incorporate a fragrance that will trigger your brain over time to recognise it as a symbol for work time. Use a candle or oil diffuser five minutes before you begin to fill the air and usher in the new day.

Plants and flowers

There's nothing like a vase of fresh flowers to brighten any work day. The same goes for our leafy houseplants that are a constant source of happiness and wellness. When setting up your ideal home office, keep them close so you can remain connected to nature and feel like you're working in an indoor jungle.

Style your space

Working from home means that anything goes when it comes to styling and decorating. Now's your opportunity to set up your ideal space you've always dreamed of, whether that means stacks of inspirational magazines on your desk or breaking out your favourite handmade ceramic mug to add a touch of luxury to your morning coffee. Style your space in a way that brings joy so that you'll actually want to head to work each morning.

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