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Less is more in these clean spaces.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

8 Minimalist Living Rooms That Create a Calming Home

Less is more in these clean spaces.

Minimalism can get a bad rap sometimes, with a reputation for being cold, stark, and generally lacking in personality. But when executed well, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are multiple benefits to this style and it has become increasingly loved for being visually calming, organised, and forcing us to only select pieces we love. This style is calming because our eyes and brains only have so much attention to give to a design.

When it comes to our living rooms, the area we tend to spend the most amount of time in with guests, embracing this style can create a peaceful space to relax in and enjoy others' company.

Below, we have rounded up a chic collection of living spaces from our home tour series The Makers that embrace minimalist design and in turn, are visually soothing.

1. Modern farmhouse

Aimee Winchester's vision for her family home was to create a space that is "clean and minimal but warm and homely." Her living area epitomises that minimal design doesn't mean cold looking. The neutral-toned rug anchors the room while also adding warmth. The timber side table and cream-coloured pendant light also feed warmth into the space.

2. Airy retreat

Frank Body co-founder Bree Johnson's tranquil inner-city oasis boasts sleek lines and natural tones. "For furniture, we chose quality, timeless pieces with a focus on comfort and functionality," she says. The star of the show here is undeniably the deep turquoise Togo couch that sits within the living area and is the perfect example of comfort meets style.

3. Seaside beauty

With minimal styling and ocean views, Lucy Henry-Hicks' home is a true extension of her fashion sense. The living area embraces a variety of textures and layers to create interest – a must when creating a welcoming space with a dialled-down palette. She has achieved this with a toffee-toned marble coffee table, a woven rug, and timber finishes for a relaxed feel.

4. Wabi-sabi charm

This lovely wabi-sabi space in artist Ashleigh Holmes' apartment exudes calm. Rustic timber beams salvaged from an old wharf were placed above the sheer curtains in the minimal living room bringing warmth and texture to the space.

5. Coastal curves

One way to ensure a minimal space is visually interesting is by adding curves, as seen in this airbnb conceived by Tim Neve. The holiday house is filled with the interior stylist's textiles and furniture designs. He has designed sculptural, organic-shaped statement pieces that are executed in warm and tactile materials like rattan, teak, and travertine.

6. Industrial chic

Podcaster Sophie Pearce's built her family home from scratch with her husband. The living area features a '70s-style conversation pit that's perfect for cosy family gatherings. The minimalist design helps keep things calm in a busy family environment.

7. Light and bright

Swathed in predominantly white, Justine Cullen's waterside abode is fresh and timeless. The light-filled living room radiates a similarly pared-back and refined aesthetic as her fashion choices. The linen sofa, patterned rug, and timber coffee table give the pared-down space a more lived-in feel.

8. Neutral number

Plenty of texture, shapes, and a layered composition of tones play a key role in the success of Caroline Walls' minimalist home which would otherwise be lacklustre with such little variance in colour. The Charcoal Cushion Covers add depth to the space.

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