Sleek and serene spaces that promote peaceful sleeping.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

10 Minimalist Bedrooms to Inspire a Soothing Slumber

Sleek and serene spaces that promote peaceful sleeping.

Minimalism is a wonderful design style to utilise in a world that can often feel overwhelming. It prioritises the essential to create spaces that look and feel stress-free. This is a particularly conducive concept for bedrooms as ideally we want this room to be peaceful, uncluttered, and not too visually stimulating.

Minimalist design is sometimes criticised as being boring or sterile, but it allows us to consider what we need and love and in turn, be less wasteful in our purchasing decisions. When executed well this aesthetic is chic and soothing to look at. 

If you're keen to introduce minimalism into your home, opt for some of these minimalist interior design hallmarks: Clean, simple lines, a monochrome or subdued colour palette, a spotlight on craftsmanship, functional furniture, avoidance of excess ornamentation, and lots of light.

Take design cues from these seven minimalist bedroom design ideas which not only look fabulous but promote peaceful sleeping as well.

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