You know your star sign but it's actually your moon sign that speaks to your emotions, fears and dreams and makes you who you really are.

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Moon Sign

You know your star sign but it's actually your moon sign that speaks to your emotions, fears and dreams and makes you who you really are.

Whether you’re an avid follower or you know close to nothing about astrology, most of us are familiar with our star sign and what that means. But one lesser-known aspect of astrology that is considered significant to getting a comprehensive idea of what makes you inherently ‘you’ is your moon sign.

While our star sign speaks to our personality, and our rising sign represents the way others see us, it’s our moon sign that speaks to our emotions, fears and dreams that make us who we really are.

Below, we explore exactly what a moon sign is, how to find yours, and what yours can reveal about you.


Aries moon likes a challenge. So much so, that the pace of others can make you impatient as you prefer to live an action-packed life. Also described as ambitious and highly-competitive, you strive to be the best in whatever you’re doing.


Taurus moon is all about the material comforts and creating a safe haven to enjoy your physical desires. You can be very protective over people, possessions and personal finances, with some describing you as “security-obsessed”. You appreciate the finer things in life, investing time and money into products and experiences that will last a lifetime.


The flirtiest of all the moon signs, Geminis like to have fun… and a lot of it. You're a natural-born conversationalist who loves to communicate your emotions. Because of this, Gemini moon signs are able to gain energy from the buzz of brainstorming, creative-thinking and planning new and exciting projects. But beware; this moon sign tends to bite off more than it can chew, with lots of ideas and not much follow-through.


Introducing the emotional heavyweight of the zodiac, the Cancer moon sign. Warm, nurturing and family-oriented, this moon sign can be highly-sensitive and in need of constant reassurance. While you love to look after those close to you, having the favour returned in compliments and kind gestures helps to make you feel appreciated. That being said, Cancers have a tendency to become moody if their needs aren't being met.


Passionate, theatrical and fiery, the Leo moon sign loves to shine bright in the limelight. You enjoy complete and utter adoration from those around you (take note, potential suitors), and have a creative spark like no other moon sign in the zodiac. Your passionate ways can get you into drama on occasion, though your warmth will win anyone over in the end.


Virgos are natural problem-solvers. You tend to feel uneasy unless you have complete control over your life. You're the friend that boasts about your obsession with having a spotless, magazine-worthy house (definitely no wine near the sofa), and as the most practical of the moon signs, you crave organisation, structure and process. The more details you can learn about a situation, the less anxious you'll feel.


Leading with facts, not emotions, Librans consider things carefully. A true "people person", you prefer to be part of a team than work autonomously. That's not to say you don't appreciate some alone time, but you're at your best when there’s someone around to share your wins with. The downside? Needy and dependent are two words that may describe you in a relationship.


Fierce and impassioned, the Scorpio moon sign is commonly described as “a phoenix rising from the ashes”. This is because of your intensity, but also, your deep desire for transformation and growth. Incredibly loyal, you surround yourself with those that are much the same, forming relationships that are based on depth, vulnerability and honesty. While you can't always express yourself verbally, your strong emotional responses give a clear indication as to how you feel about those around you.


Branded as the “CEO of the signs”, Capricorns are ambitious, hard-working and extremely loyal. While you might struggle opening up, appearing distant or unavailable; you're really just busy taking over the world. A natural-born leader, you appreciate other go-getters who've got their life under control.


Sagittarius moon signs walk through life with a no-filter approach. You're always on the hunt for the next adventure and need your own space to explore new ideas and places. Sagittarians operate on high vibrations and are always looking to expand their knowledge of the world.


Unconventional in nature, Aquarius moon signs are truly unique and pride themselves on a sense of individuality. You're a thinker, not a feeler; so people shouldn't expect emotional outpourings from you at first. You don't believe in staying inside the box and thrive on pushing the boundaries in all aspects of your life.


The Pisces moon sign is characterised by deep, intuitive feeling. As a Piscean, you're able to sense the energy of others, sometimes so much it leaves you feeling zapped. People describe you as kind, empathetic and the "artistic one". Learning to balance reality and your daydreaming tendencies can prove to be a challenge.

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