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8 Small Bedroom Design Ideas to Steal from Our Home Tours

Whether you're renting or own a home, having a small bedroom can present some challenges be it lack of storage or a cluttered aesthetic. At first glance, decorating a small bedroom can seem quite limiting, but even if it's is on the petite size that doesn't mean it can't be functional and beautiful. 

From wall-mounted lights to luxurious bedding, we've collated eight ideas that we've seen in homes from our The Makers series to help you get the most out of your bedroom and ensure it's a dreamy sleep sanctuary. Or for those who have an unused room in the home, take design cues from these spaces to create a lovely guest room for family and friends. 

8 Small Bedroom Ideas

1. Keep it light

Light colours make a room look larger, especially if the space is bathed in natural light. In Justine Cullen's charming bedroom alcove, the all-white palette helps create the illusion of more space and keep things looking bright and fresh.

2. Cut the clutter

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, it's best to keep decor and furniture choices to a minimum. In Nam Vo's dreamy sleep sanctuary, a dialled down palette, sleek wardrobes, and minimal decorations keeps things looking uncluttered and functional. 

3. Bring the outdoors in

If you're someone who loves plants adding some greenery can really enliven your petite space. Consider looking up and taking advantage of hanging plants. If you truly lack space hanging some plant friends from the ceiling is a great way to still have some greenery in your bedroom without compromising on floor area. 

Jess Choi has dotted her minimal bedroom with a selection of plants that keep things looking fresh and transform it into a peaceful oasis.

4. Opt for luxurious bedding

Just because your bedroom is tiny, doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality. Given your bed is the most important item in this room, one of the best things to take advantage of here to keep your room look beautiful is good bedding.

Pick a colour combination that you truly love and your room will feel all the more special, albeit a little bit small. "Invest in quality linen and pillows in a colour palette that speaks to you," says Kyal and Kara Demmrich whose beach house features our Rust and Terracotta linen.

5. Stick to just one bedside table

If you're really tight for space, push your bedroom against one side of the room and opt for just one bedside table rather than two. You'll still have somewhere to place your bedtime essentials but won't need to worry about the space that both tables will take up. Interior designer Claudia Stephenson added just one bedside table to her chic bedroom to keep things minimal. 

5. Wall-mounted bedside lights

If you have zero space for a bedside table or floor lamp but still need reading light mounted-wall-lights are the way to go. They will take up a minimal amount of space and will take advantage of your walls rather than floor space. The  extendable wall-fixed light in Jordan Ferney's room means that it can be pushed close to the wall when not in use. 

6. Floor to ceiling curtains

Hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible as seen in Lara Fell's Byron Bay retreat will draw the eyes up, give the illusion of a higher ceiling and in turn make your room look bigger. Opt for a colour that's similar to the shade of your walls as to not create too much of a contrasting distraction.

7. Choose a low bed

Investing in a low profile bed frame is another trick to help create a more spacious looking room. A low bed leaves more space above it and doesn't obstruct the eye-line as much, making the room look and feel bigger than it is as seen in ceramicist Caitlin Robson's bedroom. She opted for a lower profile bed and Oatmeal and White linen bedding to keep things minimal and clean. 

8.  Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a great way to get everything you want in a space without taking up as much room. For instance, a small bedroom doesn't necessarily need to have a bed frame, but if you can find one with underneath storage it will be helpful to store linen, shoes, or clothing. Natalie Fitch incorporated a stylish timber bed frame with pull out drawers in her bedroom scheme for added storage space.


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