7 Cosy Bed Linen Colour Combinations for Winter

With the cooler weather well and truly here, it's time to make a few adjustments to your home to help you feel comfortable, safe and secure. And one of the easiest places to start is with your bedding.

While you might pack away your lightweight linen dresses in favor of knits and denim, it turns out there's no need to stash away your linen bedding until summer rolls around again. But you might want to switch up your colour scheme to keep things fresh. 

Linen is great at creating a comfortable and cosy bed year-round. During winter we tend to try and add as many layers to our bed as possible, but this can often leave us overheating in the middle of the night. Keeping toasty doesn't mean ending up covered in sweat—and this is where linen comes in. Linen is an extremely breathable fabric, making it great for both top and bottom sheets. By throwing a doona or blanket on top, you'll stay snug but perspiration-free.

Take cues from these seven stunning colour combinations that will help transform your bedroom into a cozy sleep sanctuary this winter. Customise your bedding by choosing your own colour combo in our Build Your Own Bundle.

7 Cosy Bed Linen Colour Combinations for Winter

1. Olive and Mineral

Olive will instantly transform your space, and bring with it an unmatched sense of style, thanks to its lush, generous feel. When paired with Mineral it creates a look that's fresh and soothing - A perfect colour combination to wind down to.

Recreate this look with Olive & Mineral in our Build Your Own Bundle

2. Charcoal and White 

It's hard to go wrong with a classic monochrome scheme. It's timeless and adds a level of sophistication to any space. Here, in artist Caroline Walls' bedroom she has employed Charcoal and White linen to create a look that's simple and chic.

Recreate this look with Charcoal & White in our Build Your Own Bundle

3. Turmeric and Terracotta

Cozy vibes are what we get from Jordan Ferney's bedroom. Here, Turmeric and Terracotta join forces to create the ultimate toasty display that practically beckons you to jump in and take a nap.

Recreate this look with Turmeric & Terracotta in our Build Your Own Bundle

4. Oatmeal

Swathed entirely in warm neutral tones, this stunning boudoir showcases Oatmeal to perfection. It's a wonderful illustration of how don't need colour to make a bedroom sing, but rather a variety of textures to create interest. 

Recreate this look with Oatmeal in our Build Your Own Bundle

5. Olive Stripe and Lilac

An unexpected pairing, this alluring combo feels entirely fitting for those cool, winter nights. The stripe detailing from Olive Stripe adds a stylish touch to the overall look which is deep and beautiful with a touch of enigma. 

Recreate this look with Olive Stripe and Lilac in our Build Your Own Bundle

6. Sage and Stripe

Though we might be spending more time indoors in the cooler months trying to stay warm, that doesn't mean you can't adopt a nice fresh look for your home. By pairing Sage and Stripe you'll adopt an aesthetic that's crisp and light to brighten up the gloomy days. 

Recreate this look with Sage & Stripe in our Build Your Own Bundle

7. Rust and Rust Stripe

What better way to bring some toastiness to your bedroom than with our Rust colourway? This rich, earthy tone feeds warmth and energy into any setting to create a cozy, homely environment. The Rust Stripe linen ties in perfectly with this solid hue and adds a classic touch.

Recreate this look with Rust and Rust Stripe in our Build Your Own Bundle

Need more ideas? Here are 10 of the Most Popular Linen Colour Combinations to Help Make Your Decision Easier

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